Hey! You Animal lovers: This is a workshop not to be missed. Wonderful Emma Gowshall is providing TWO FREE – TWO HOUR Saturday and Sunday workshops at the November Lincolnshire Well Being Show: The workshops are timed for Visitor convenience: Saturday morning and Sunday afternoon.

If you know Emma you’ll realise this is going to be a superb event. At every show, Emma’s talks and presentation are ‘full-house’ popular and her stand is always popular with people who love animals (every ‘Well Being’ loves nature).

This workshop is all about ‘Animal Communication’ and is simply fantastic. Emma’s reputation as the finest animal communicator in the UK is well earned. As you will hear in the interview She also travels to the USA to teach and demonstrate.

Emma is a great teacher and presenter, there is not an atom of ego to be discovered. She is a sharer and giver. If you love animals and your pet and wish to connect at a higher and deeper level come to this free two-hour workshop.

Emma’s Talks and Workshops Are Always Fully Attended

All you need is a photograph of your loved pet and bring it to the workshop. Emma will teach you how to use your inner-being to connect with and sometimes heal. What could be more fun? And the workshop is a lifetime gift.

Listen to the interview:


Workshop Times:

Saturday: 11:00 – 13:00
Sunday: 14:00 – 16:00
Do not forget they are free! Just turn up and enjoy 🙂

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