Podcasts – The popularity of The LizianEvents iTunes podcasting platform is growing. It is a great place to promote your work. At the moment, we can only publish the talks and interviews made during the Well Being Shows. And the idea is proving to be popular: I have twenty talks and interviews to edit over the next two weeks which were recorded at The Lincolnshire Well Being Show. All will be brilliant promotional conduits for the participating Community Members who have the foresight to utilise the asset.

It is essential to gauge the demand for Well Being podcasts before making a further commitment. The question has to be: ‘Is it worth an extra time investment to produce a weekly podcast?’ We are convinced expanding the asset is worthwhile. Producing weekly episodes is a beneficial way of promoting both The Community and Well Being Shows.

A big decision for podcasters is fixed studio or not: We have excellent facilities for recording and right technical knowhow: however, we know people will not be prepared to travel to make recordings. And there is difficulty in recording good quality sound from mobile phones. The alternative is to record using Skype: which means setting a mutual time and hoping the family will stay silent during the interview.

So, there is no doubting, recording directly from the phone has to be the answer. Search the net, and you will discover connecting phone conversations to recording applications is a complicated issue, and the quality is not the greatest. Therefore, a way of recording an interview which provides excellent quality was the priority before committing to a weekly podcast. This issue is now overcome: and we can record telephone interviews with excellent quality: so in the new year, we will be adding a weekly podcast to our portfolio of promotional assets.

The format will be simple: If you want to talk about your work, and anything about yourself, you can be interviewed for the Well Being Show podcast. Of course, it will be published on the LizianEvents iTunes platform. And then the episode will be available to the World!

It is an easy process: contact LEN using the form below. Let me know what you wish to talk about, and we’ll set a day and time for the recording. I will call you using your phone number or Facebook Messenger, and the interview will be made. Do not worry; the article will not ‘go out live’. The whole piece will be edited and turned into a professional style production. And you can download the interview and use it for promotion purposes.

Listen to Dave Harper talk about promotion and the benefits of audio: video and LEN!


You should not underestimate the potential of utilising this promotional asset. LizianEvents media platforms are growing, and Visitor numbers are increasing month on month. Connecting to people is more complicated than writing a post and re-listing it time and again. You have to stay sharp and provide a continuous stream of varied and interesting articles. Anyone who is part of this organisation will benefit from using media platforms. Visitors love to see and hear about the products, services and therapies you have available. What better place to advertise and promote than LEN and iTunes?

See You Soon

Everyone can benefit from the promotion: Visitors love to listen to audio articles: Use the contact form to contribute to the show

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