Elisa Grey – During the Lincolnshire Well Being Show, I spoke to Elisa Grey. I have known Elisa for many years as a Visitor of Well Being and MBS shows. She is a fascinating and remarkable lady.

Elisa told me that her work was intuitive. And although she enjoys and certainly knows her Tarot her interpretation of the Celtic Ogham is astounding. Elisa suggested it the Celtic Ogham is aligned with the Western psyche and this is why it resonates with so many Visitors attending the shows.

What is the Celtic Ogham? In simple terms, the Ogham is an ancient alphabet. The symbols are engraved on stones found in sacred sites. There are also many engravings to be discovered at sites of ancient civilisations. The interpretation of the symbols is the basis is Elise’s work.

To comment that the connections made in an Ogham reading to one’s inner psyche is profound is an understatement. The Celtic Ogham symbols are chosen and Elisa’s interpretation is very interesting indeed. I would recommend Vistors to talk to Elisa and have a short ‘taster’ reading while attending a show. You may find the short reading is converted into a full one!

Elisa is a kind soul with a beautiful heart and no doubt she is a unique and interesting lady: Highly recommended 🙂

Elisa Grey – Tarot and Celtic Ogham: LizianEvents

Elisa Grey

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  1. Celtic Ogham is very interesting, its lineage hotly disputed. Like runic symbols, most will likely have been written on animal hides or wood, long since perished. I look forwards to catching up with Elisa.

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