The interest in the Mentoring days has enjoyed unprecedented interest! For this reason, we have chosen to repost an amended article. There is an addition to the tutor list: Liz Clark will presenting an instructive section on sales and marketing.

Mentoring Days: We have received numerous requests for further information regarding the 2020 Mentoring courses. Here are the dates:

15 March – Build Your Website
30 August – Focus on Promotion

11 October – Connect to Clients

The Venue:
Jubilee Conference Centre
Jubilee Campus
Triumph Road
Nottingham NG7 2TU

The mentoring days will be held in Nottingham and each day is a Sunday. John, Barrie and Liz and I have talked about the ways we can help people succeed during the shows.

John Richardson will focus on the areas of using ‘add-on’ assets such as a book, branded cards and meditational media. He will demonstrate that to ‘make the difference which makes the difference’ we have to think of ways to attract a wider audience.

Open Talk Area: Newark MBS: LizianEvents Ltd

It is evident than John has made headways into identity and brand marketing, and anyone who wishes to discover the why’s and how’s of marketing will learn the methods and ways of the marketeer.

Barrie John is a consummate self-promoter. He will guide attendees into ways to present and work with clients. Barrie will demonstrate the power of interaction and visual identity. Attendees will enjoy a person and candid insight into Barrie’s evident success and country comprehensive identity. During the mentoring days, he’ll work one-to-one with all who attend and provide an unbiased assessment of how a client perceives the reader/spiritual counsellor.

Tracy : Lizian Events : Well Being : Lifestyle : Wellbeing : Lizian Events

None could argue with Barrie’s success. He has an immense following of regular clients and workshops and courses are in high demand. No doubt he’ll speak of television and the possibilities of stage work and its related avenues.

Liz Clark is not only the MD of LizianEvents Ltd she is also the owner of the fifteen-years successful LizianShop Ltd. Not only has Liz enjoyed the whole indoor market experience: she also believes that market trading has a perfect parallel with trading on the ‘show floor’.

Anyone who can remember Lizian trading at the shows knows the success of the stall. During the mentoring day, traders will learn how to attain the best possible return on investment. Sales secrets and how to present for maximum customer awareness.

Ian Timothy is acknowledged as a superb marketer. He has proven that consistent media connections will bring people to websites and social media. The focus of attention will be how to design a working platform and how to connect it to social media streams for the best advantage. Attendees will learn about mail-outs and how to collect a workable database. For the first time, he will evidence the continuing growth of LEN and the LizianEvents accessible website.

Ian Timothy: LizianEvents

Attendees will be shown how to widen the visibility of a page or site. They will also learn about: photograph usage, correct page layout and the most critical aspect of page speed. He’ll demonstrate that website building and interconnection is essential to promotion. Do not think the process is complicated: attendees will learn from six years of the daily experience of working with media platforms.

The mentoring days will be intensive and will demand focus and commitment. However, the method of teaching will be clear and simplified. All attendees will receive printed booklets containing information covered during the mentoring day.

No doubt the days will be more than useful and the aspects of each mentoring day will more than cover the fee. In the long-term, attendees who put the ideas into practice will benefit in visibility and learn about the importance of identity and branding. The day is formulated to fit within attendee’s present activities. And there is NO insistence on right or wrong ways to success.

The cost for the mentoring day will be announced when the venue is confirmed. It will be an all-inclusive cost: food and parking are covered in the price. Anyone who wishes to learn about adding extra revenue streams, learning the ‘secrets’ of excellent client relationships and seeing how internet presence is essential to their future will gain from attending the mentoring days.

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