Website In a Day Course – Owning a website will not bring customers to your door or shows. Google Analytics demonstrates site traffic can be abysmal. There are many reasons for the lacklustre visitors to a website. However, as part of a well defined promotional campaign, the website is essential.

I am asked about website building and cost almost every week. Online site-builders promise ease and simplicity of construction and the reality is frustration with the platform. Yes, it is possible to make a site with sliders, six different fonts and slow-loading images. But the truth is, a primary site which conforms to search engine protocols is better than an over-weight walrus of a website.

This one day course will take you from complete novice to complete control of a self-administered website. You will learn about the most critical aspects of site design, images, text and layout.

During the day, we will register a domain, set up a dedicated email, and make a website of which you will have complete control. You will be able to:

Choose your template
Select fonts and background
Learn about image size and how to control the pixels for speed
Understand writing practice and reading quality
Add pages and contact details
Open your new and live website

Students should consider how important it is to control the contents of their site. For example, You may wish to update your calendar or add a new workshop. You can work on your profile or write a weekly weblog. The possibilities of a simple and easy to navigate website are endless and not beyond anyone who can read this article.

Website construction and administration is within your reach. And can bring an immense feeling of accomplishment. Not only this, if you decide to produce a weblog your promotional possibilities extend Worldwide.

Anyone who would like to own a website which is simple to maintain should consider attending this one day course. I’ll announce the day in January, and the cost will be ninety pounds. The website registration will cost forty-five pounds per annum (you own site and fees). You will need your laptop, charger, notebook and three different coloured pens.

I can be sure attendees will enjoy the day, and they will leave the venue with a fully functional website which they can maintain without problems. Interested? Fill in the contact form below:

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