Join The Podcast Show – Why not take part in a LizianEvents Podcast? Well Being, Creativity Connected or Pure Spirit, all relevant subjects are covered: never forget we are Community Connected. And what better place for promotion and Visitor awareness than an iTunes podcast platform! We may only be a minnow in a lake, but there are plenty of fishers around the bank!

What does a guest need to do? Nothing other than talk on their phone for about forty minutes. You’ll receive an email with fifteen questions, and you’ll need to formulate the answers for the podcast. Well! That’s the idea: and probably the conversation will swiftly move onto other avenues.

Have you a new book? Get onto the show, talk about your work: send in a synopsis of the question you would like ME to ask. Or better still send in a copy, and I will review it online and in a LEN article and follow up with a podcast interview.

Regular Guest Barrie John

Just think of the promotional potential. You can share the LEN review and the podcast interview on your social media and website page. And of course, the link and pages are permanently secure on LEN. Visitors do not only read the daily post: they search back through the archive. Remember, Visitors have the ‘search box’ facility all they need to do is put in a word or a name, and the relevant pages are listed.

If you genuinely wish to succeed with your business: there is a need to go further than an appearance at an event or show. You have to interact at least four times a week with potential customers. And most people are unable to write excellent and readable articles about their work. And visitors to a website return at best four times in a year. Unless you can update the site monthly or daily, however, if you connect to a heavily vested website such as LizianEvents News many people will read your article regularly. After reading or listening to the report, they can click on the links to your site which are attached to the item.

When you are involved in a podcast: the reach is both specific and at the same time ‘random’. The specific reach is those who intentionally visit Well Being, Pure Spirit or Creativity Connected pages on LizianEvents News. Or the ‘random’ reach can be internet or iTunes surfers. Do not underestimate the promotional leverage we are be beginning to gain due to the depth and range of subjects available to visitors to our promotional platforms. We see over eight-thousand a month on LEN, and an excess of 40000 reaches (including organic) reach from our social media platforms.

In 2020 new will step up the internet awareness of our promotions. Instagram and Twitter will receive the same attention as Facebook and LEN subscriptions. We see podcasting, recorded talks, show interviews and videos as part of the media interaction.

John Richardson : LizianEvents : Lizian Events

Regular Guest John Richardson

John Richardson and Barrie John will be regular LEN Podcast Guests, and I’m sure the list will grow. Interestingly, most of the successful Community Members have already agreed to become podcast interviewees. The range of subject will be immense, from crystal therapy to CBT oil. Everything related to LizianEvents Shows and Events will be covered in the podcasts.

So if you wish to be part of a promotion asset which you can use on your own site, social media or specific promotions; Become a guest on The LEN Podcasts. A forty-minute conversation about yourself and your work will benefit your future success. Use the contact form below for more details. The Podcast Show will begin in the third week of January 2020. For more information, use the contact form below:

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