Today’s short interview offers an insight into the potential uses of hypnosis as a complementary and alternative therapy. We met James at the Nottingham Well Being Show and he made a big impression with Visitors and Community Members. James is an approachable man, and when he explains his work, you will find him understanding of one’s area of concern. A very interesting man indeed: Enjoy the short interview:


More Information about James:

James Greenaway Complementary Health is a private Complementary Health Practice which is based in the heart of Nottingham. Providing help and solutions to clients of all backgrounds with a wide range of issues.

Complementary & Alternative Medicine is a holistic approach to offer you help and solutions. The therapy users your own mind, body and spirit to help assist your bodies natural self-healing.

James Greenaway

James aims to achieve this as soon as possible, however, some clients may need a couple of sessions for the changes to make a difference to their life.

Please follow the link to James’s website and take a look at all the treatments offered. And use the contact form if you have any questions, or would like to discuss your needs.


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