During the next few weeks, we will revisit some of the most popular of the 2019 submissions. This one from Rick is a fascinating insight into his work. He is a most dedicated man, determined to succeed. I watched him in a recent Facetime Live, a fantastic testament to his work and ability.

“Expectations Versus Reality”

Like many others, I spend time reading the daily articles on LizianEvents News. I  love getting other people’s perspectives on what they see from their maps of the world what makes them tick etc. Ian writes a lot about where you invest your life hours and what you can realistically get back in return with how much effort you put into things. This: in my eclectic mind has got me thinking and has opened up thought avenues for exploring.

I am an ordinary guy who believes he has been given a wonderful gift of communication. And a spiritual knowing about what makes the average person tick. Why? Because I have been there, experienced the highs and the lows. And I convinced I am here to help people see their power and lead them along the road to self-empowerment. This is where my life hours have been invested during the last three years.

I am now into my 2nd season with LizianEvents and my 2nd of exhibiting at other events countrywide. This takes considerable effort and time. The objective is building a reputation from doing what I do.

At times people pigeonhole and put labels my work. And because medium X works one way: this does not mean I’ll follow the pattern. It is essential clients do not compare my work with that of another. For example, I’m sometimes asked the question: “Do you talk to dead people and can you guarantee that you will bring spirits through?” Of course, this is a clients perspective and is an expectation of my gift and the reason why communication with the client is paramount.

In my previous life as a prison officer when dealing with prisoners, we used to call this way of preconception ‘the structuring expectations’. In other words: what they thought was going to happen and what happens is based on their actions. This wisdom is probably the only thing transferred from the previous very ‘earthy’ life into today’s spiritual life.

I have spent hours pondering where my path will lead. Should my focus be in readings working with spirit? Or do I take on more platform work and attend other evening demonstrations? I sense the future is a blend of both! One thing is for sure: The connection to people and their understanding of my work is essential to the future.

Part of my choice is feedback from clients, peers, friends, family and mentors. I respect all feedback good, bad or indifferent: because it keeps me grounded (no room for a massive ego in my world). Listening to feedback has worked for me, and the support received is at times overwhelming. However, this doesn’t answer the question about what I do. Being spirit worker requires a label, psychic, medium, counsellor, motivator, or any number of others, I don’t fit neatly into any of them.

I am not a great lover of either conformity or labels, and I am aware this can put the potential client in the position of indecision. They see names on the banner and interpret what they are expecting based on their perception of the words and imagery.

Again my communication skills will always clarify what I can do and also what I cannot. This method is based on numerous readings: and the messages that I have been passed on. I do my utmost to evidence the information: after all, confidence comes from repetitive success. What works is kept and what does not is discarded. I will use every tool in my toolbox to bring across uplifting messages and this cannot be labelled.

Rick PaulI never make outrageous predictions or claims of an ability etc. All have to be worked in and alongside my faith in the spirit world. This is my promise to the client. And I am sure in my belief that I work in truth and integrity, what could be better? My work is client-centred, and I give what is best for them at all times.

Time and again this way has worked well. I take the first few minutes of the reading to find out what a client is looking to receive. When I cannot meet their level of expectation, I advise that they could seek another reader who is better placed to deliver the desire. Often: People sit in shock after listening to the message. Expecting one communication, and spirit have given another. Spirit never ceases to amaze me: I’m very privileged to work with their energies.

My reason for writing this piece was based on feedback I received at an event. The client was disappointed with the reading. And because I was surprised at the comment, I asked for more information. She explained the message was too broad and too general. My answer was energy presented is all which is available. And I work with spirit and can only pass on the message given. Furthermore, I never make anything fit and my belief is always going to be that spirit will bring through what is necessary.

I then asked: ‘What did you expect from me?’ The reply was to bring through a recently departed person.  So they could communicate through me as I am a “medium”.

This is why I have titled this essay ‘Expectation versus Reality.’

If the client had said, her expectation was for me to be a conduit, I wouldn’t have started the reading.  My guidance would have been this: Loved ones entering the spirit realms will leave a sign of their presence if necessary. It is unlikely the spirit will communicate so soon after departure.

My work is to pick up the essence of the spirit’s energy: It could be mannerism, a unique word or the most common with me – a memory-link. I believe our loved ones always surround us. My loved ones in spirit do not connect with me when I am working with the client. This knowledge leaves me free to work with the client and their issues. The ultimate desire is to motivate them forward, give them that self-empowerment and often provide a different perspective in their life.

The reality is, I will work from the heart, I make no promises. I cannot control a client’s expectation: but please note where my intent lies. Look carefully where you invest your money and time. Weigh up your choice of reader carefully. If you choose me for a reading, I am very grateful. If you select another as long as you get what you are expecting, then I am equally happy.

I feel spiritual well being is very much part of mental wellbeing. Anyone who can close issues, suggest spiritual alternative or offer healing amazing transformations happen. I am not writing from an ego centre. The words are about all who use spiritual development to help others.

There will not be a reader who has not listened to the question: ‘Am I going mad?’ and after an hour consultation the client says: ‘You have put this into perspective’ or ‘Now I understand’. Our work is not only connecting and using the gift on a connected basis. We ask for guidance and pass the guidance to the sitter. Sadly, the reality is sometimes not the expectation.

Rick Paul : LizianEvents : Lizian Events : Wellbeing : Well Being

When the client revealed she needed me to be a conduit for a conversation with a relative in the spirit world: the expectation was too great. It is not the way spirit works. They cannot be earth bound and continue with the same ways of the living. Spirit is most concerned with the wellbeing, peace and contentment of those who were close to them during life My concern is she will continue to search and eventually grasp any straw. Although this concern is a subject for another time.

Health and healing is very much part of the spiritual practician’s work. And there will be times when issues of the mind are considered. However, it is important for the client to make their expectations clear, in this way they receive the best of spiritual help and guidance.

All my written work is from my perspective, and I offer thanks love and bright blessings to all who have chosen to read it.

Thanks, Rick.

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  1. It was, and is, one of the best posts of the year.
    I recall as a young salesman being given a few maxims which were unerringly accurate.
    1. Find out what the customer wants- then give it to them.
    2. The customer is not always right- but what they think is always right.
    3. Always under-promise, and overdeliver.
    They turned out to be pretty good life lessons.

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