You know we are 365 days per year organisation. Show enquires for 2020 have not slowed down as I would have expected. This week has seen three new people Join The Community. What is very encouraging is Dave and Sharon from Feet First Reflexology were once avid Visitors to the Well Being Shows, and they are now Community Members.

Ian and I spoke to them on Saturday, and their enthusiasm for shows and Community is heartwarming. It has to be magical when people choose to become part of the Well Being Shows because of their visits and interaction with Community Members.

I have reviewed the floor plan for the first show of 2020. The Newark Well Being Show at the Lady Eastwood Centre. I feel for this first show we should have a theme. It will be ‘Space and Grace’. I am responding to Community and Visitor feedback received since the highly successful Newark MBS Show. So, the choice is to limit the Community Member numbers and give all stands ample space. My feeling is therapists should have space to work without being in too close proximity to the Community Members.

The Lady Eastwood Centre is a perfect venue for a Well Being Show. We are enthusiastic about the potentials the building will provide in the future — space for talks and a children’s activity area. There is a lovely outdoor area suitable for drums and ritual demonstrations. Food is always an important aspect, and The Lady Eastwood Centre has a dedicated restaurant with plenty of seating.

Community Members talked during the recent Mind Body, and Spirit Show agreed this is the right time to expand into a larger space, especially when I revealed the aspect of better space for Community Members. Anyone who takes part in this new venture will be part of the continuing evolution of The Well Being Shows.

My week has been very busy, and I’m conscious of all of you at this hectic time of the year: therefore this will be a short ‘Sunday Thoughts’ My last comment is regarding our connection with Barrie John. We have spent many hours formulating the format of The Pure Spirit Shows. I am aware the proposals about to be unveiled will be somewhat contentious: but I ask you to consider the high potentials they will offer to new Community Members as well as open-minded established Pure Spirit Community. There is a need for change, and there is a need to bond Visitors to the new Pure Spirit Shows. There is an essential video announcement tomorrow. And I would ask you to watch the video, and read the information with great care. Ian and I believe anyone who embellishes the foundations of this new and somewhat groundbreaking

Prize Draw:
I’m awaiting confirmation of address’s from the prize draw winners, and I will announce them on Tuesday.

Enjoy the Next few days before the break: If you are working – Bless you, and we hope you will be able to take a break very soon indeed.

Liz Clark
MD LizianEvents Ltd


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