By the look of your Social Media Posts, it seems most of you have enjoyed your Christmas break and holidays. I know my time with family and friends has been extra special. Only the new year’s celebration to go and then we have an extraordinary year ahead of us: Ian and I see 2020 as another stepping stone to the LizianEvents Organisation.

Let’s stay connected.

Many will already know of the plans for the LizianEvents Podcast. I will also be involved in some of the recordings. The first Podcast will go out during the first week of February, and the shows will begin recording around the tenth of January. This means we will be at least two shows ahead. Our first guest will be Barrie John, and we’ll be talking about Pure Spirit Events.

John Richardson will be a regular guest on the show. He’ll be asked to cover many spiritual subjects. However, his first contribution is focussed on the best-selling book: “Mediumship – Ida Pimm”. We have a great list of guests lined up for the show. Incidentally, our iTunes platform is attaining excellent listener figures, and is, a superb asset to our media promotions. Interestingly, Ian tells me there is little resistance to being interviewed for a LizianEvents Podcast. So look forward to these audio promotions in 2020.

Last week many new-age and alternative shows, shops and people came under attack from a scammer/troller. Ian chooses to highlight the negative feedback: he intentionally highlighted the fake reviews on our social media pages. Thank you to all who pointed out the fact this was a ‘disgruntled’ individual. We always highlight negative feedback, because it provides an opportunity for Community, Visitors and Customers to reply. It was clear the individual concerned was fake! As the author used a pseudonym. We have no fear of keeping people aware of any criticism of our work: after all, the wise use critic to their advantage!

The Message: “Use criticism to your advantage.”

I can announce the mentoring and website creation days will be held at The Nottingham Conference Centre on The Jubilee Campus. This is, of course, the home to The Nottingham Well Being Show. The workshops take place on Sundays and attendees will enjoy a light lunch inclusive of the fees. Previous Visitors to the Conference Centre will know there is plenty of parking spaces at the venue. And exceptional public transport from the railway station. A £4:20 all-day ticket can be used on all NCT buses, and there are plenty of services which stop on the Derby Road entrance to the Jubilee Campus. So it is a perfect venue for those who do not have transport.

Community members who are standing at Newark in February will be pleased to know we have plenty of bookings for the event. This means the event will enjoy Greater Visitor appeal. With additional attractions of dedicated children’s activity area. And a ‘sound room’ for Richard’s gongs. Alan Wood is providing traditional smudgings during the show in the outside garden. He is becoming an increasingly popular Community Member, and he tells me he’ll be selling authentic native American Flutes in 2020. Interestingly, Alan began as a speaker at the Well Being Shows, and he has gained an excellent and loyal following. Incidentally, on the subject of musical instruments, if there is anyone who would like to utilise the outside garden area for drums, let me know.

The Message: “Stay focussed on your skills.”

Community Members who have announcements for 2020 should forward information well before the shows to take advantage of Visitor awareness. New product lines, therapy or qualification, should be announced because a Visitor can attend a show for a specific purchase, treatment or information. Never forget LEN has become an information hive for many hundreds of people each week and is beneficial to the Community. For example, during the run-up to Christmas, a Community Member credited LEN with an excellent and profitable connection.

The Message: “Let people know about your work.”

To write I’m proud of LEN is an understatement. When an article is published, and I receive ten or more enquires during the day as a result of the article proves how effective the daily news has become. We have half-filled the Newark Pure Spirit Show already, and this is from one article!. Not only this, readers have offered many suggestions for new venues for The Pure Spirit Events. Barrie is looking for up to ten countywide events during 2021; there is no doubt we will attain this figure. And all due to LEN.

The Message: “Be proud of your achievements.”

See You Soon
Liz Clark – MD LizianEvents


  1. 2020: Definitely a NEW year to look forward to 🙂

    Thank you Liz Clark, Ian Timothy, Barrie John, John Richardson and all those involved into making LIZIAN EVENTS so special. xxx Brigitte

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