Today’s article includes a podcast with special guest Barrie John. During the forty-minute interview, Barrie will discuss many aspects of the Pure Spirit Shows. He also makes the most important announcement.

Colin Fry, Barrie John, Derek Acorah: LizianEvents: Lizian Events

Colin Fry – Barrie John – Derek Acorah

Barrie was a longtime friend of Mr Derek Acorah. Barrie and Derek’s wife Gwen have agreed to a yearly award:

“The Derek Acorah Annual Mediumship Award”

This award will be open to Medium’s countrywide. It will give the winner a major advantage of being associated with a national competition. The award is a prestigious acknowledgement of the winner’s ability. And without doubt, it will become seen as a gateway to national recognition. Listen to the podcast to learn more:

LEN Podcast:


During the show, you can listen to insights into the future of Pure Spirit Shows and why they will attain a unique identity. A Pure Spirit Show combines the Community, a vast range of dedicated ‘spiritual’ talks and presentations, and an evening stage show. During 2021, the number of events will increase, we will present ten biannual shows in five prestigious venues. We ask people who would like to enjoy a Pure Spirit Event in their area to contact us to discuss their proposals. It is our intention to build a Pure Spirit Network.

In the later part of the show, listeners will enjoy a rare insight into Derek and Colin’s personalities. And Barrie talks about his own journey and his stage work with Colin Fry:

Barrie on Stage with Colin Fry


Colin Fry, Barrie John: LizianEvents: Lizian Events

Thank you for listening to the podcast:

Iza Moon provided the music for the show:
The two tracks are: ‘Long Time Sun’ – ‘Moon Rose’ – Contact Iza → HERE

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  1. VISION, EXPANSION, INTEGRATION ! BRAND NEW EVENTS… to entertain you, inform you, enlighten you & GIVE YOU OPPORTUNITIES to showcase yourself or gifted friends!

    Just listen to this podcast and BE in AWE : really EXCITING ideas coming to fruition thanks to Pure SPIRIT innovative & caring TEAM!

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