If you are a regular customer of Crystal Carol’s crystal shop, Wether at the shop in Ashton-under-Lyme or the many shows they attend during the year: You will find this podcast enjoyable. It is about the Tucson Rock and Gem Show: The largest show of its kind in the World!

Carol Wallace: LizianEvents: Lizian Events

Carol Enjoying One of Her Favourite Jobs

The podcast was recorded 14:00 hrs Tucson Arizona time. It begins with Campbell Wallace talking about the journey from Manchester to Tucson. He also compares the American Rock and Gem to the much smaller StMarie aux Mines event in France. It is an interesting comparison.

Liz talks to Carol about her recent finds in Tucson. Listeners gain an insight into the show’s logistics, which provides an idea of the vastness of the spectacle. Carol mentions a new ‘find’, and of course, there is a reference to ‘beads’! (all who know Carol will understand the inference).

This is the first of two Podcasts recorded from The Tucson Rock and Gem Show. Followers can listen to the second part on Wednesday.

Enjoy the Recording:

See You Soon

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