Liz Clark’s Sunday Thoughts – 09:02:20 – In seven days we’ll have a good appreciation of how the first Well Being Show of the year and first Well Being Show held in the Lady Eastwood Centre has faired: we never speculate on attendance figures. As you know, I have written and spoken extensively about a new show format. This article is centred on this critical aspect of the show and provides insight into the evolution of the Well Being Shows.

We moved from the Cedric Ford Pavilion because the extra space is necessary for our plans. In the immediate future, two issues need to be addressed. One: provide Visitors with space and privacy when receiving treatments or readings. And: Two: moving the eating area away from the show floor.

We could not make these essential changes at the Cedric Ford Pavilion. So we move to Lady Eastwood. The eating area is separate to the show floor, and twice the additional space brings privacy for reader/spiritual counsellors and therapists. So important is the layout for the future of the shows, Jon, Ian and I are working at The Lady Eastwood for the whole of Thursday to test the design, and make any adjustments.

If you are reading this as a Community Member: think space and a decent area surrounding your stand. Do not be afraid to make the space your own. There will be no ‘squeezing-in’ or inability to place banners behind or to the sides of your area.

As a Visitor, you can expect ample privacy when enjoying a reading/spiritual counselling. Other Community Members and Visitors will not be able to overhear conversations, and the same aspect applies to therapy and massage stands. This makes for a superb therapy environment.

I have no doubt the evolution will give a different atmosphere to the show. And this is good for all concerned as a new feeling brings in more enthusiasm and determination for success. In any ‘event’ we’ll know how the Visitors enjoy the changes.

Answers to Questions:

Visitors: already I’m receiving considerable interest in the talks scheduled. An to answer a common problem ‘Yes, we will continue to produce a show guide, and all pages on LEN or the LizianEvents dot com site are copy and paste enabled. So there are no issues with making a list of talks you wish to attend pre-show.

Podcasts: I am asked if Visitors or people associated with wellbeing can be podcast guests. The answer is of course ‘Yes’ Ian is enthusiastic about recording exciting podcasts with anyone who is driven to help people discover ways to become and Well Being.

Final Question: Yes! Anyone with interests in Well Being: Therapies: Alternative Healing: Writing: Spiritual Workshops and Artists of every genre can place their listing without charge on the LEN Directory. There are one one hundred listings on this asset: why pay for less coverage?

Well, that concludes my summing up of this week’s progress. I’ll see you next weekend at the Newark Well Being Show.

Liz Clark – MD LizianEvents Ltd


  1. The point about space for Readers and Therapists is well observed. Therapists space at MBS shows generally often appear cramped and lacking in privacy. I continue to think that Readers would be better served by a dedicated area in which they were all grouped together.

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