Final Update and last Video for the Newark Well Being Show 15 + 16 February. We have worked an extra two days at the venue to finalise the setup and layout. And yes it will be different from any show you have visited before: This IS the beginning of the grace and space Well Being Shows. Visitors will enjoy privacy for therapies and readings. And retailers will enjoy space to display their goods and products.

This is a big venue and after setting up the floor we both feel the move will be worthwhile. Tomorrow The Community take possession of The first Well Being Show of the year. Whatever happens now is entirely in the hands of the sixty-eight attending Community.

A superb talks schedule presented by twenty-five amazing people will captivate Visitors. The stage area will enjoy three presentations each day. The show has everything from gong baths to light therapy. There is plenty of wellbeing avenues for Vistors to explore, enjoy and adore.


The stage is set: And nothing more to add or change. We will learn many lessons this weekend. Indeed we consider this as a NEW Show. Everyone will take advantage of the new dynamics of the venue, the size, and talk areas. There is so much we can do with this show. Let’s celebrate the future and enjoy the evolution.

See You Soon

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