Important Notices have to be short.  As many of you know we are very future motivated and I made the statement that in 3 months time there will be major changes and ‘I felt the show must go on!’.  At that moment, there was no firm directive to cancel shows from the Government or Local Authority – there is also at this moment of writing no definitive answer as to when this present chaotic situation will come to an end.  However, we are a community-based organisation and we have received immense – I repeat immense – support for our stance.  This is something that I will probably write about at another time.

We must make the correct choices:
And follow the consensus of thoughts:

Being Community-based we have a feel for The Community and regardless of what a few people believe! We are a responsible, ethical and morally based business.  Indeed we listen and watch, and, therefore, we have taken what we KNOW to be a right and proper step.  As it seems everybody is talking about a 3-month time scale we have returned all payments (deposits and full payments) received for the following shows:  Newark Pure Spirit, Lincolnshire Well Being Show and Newstead Well Being (May, June, July). Some Community Members have chosen to defer payments into the shows scheduled for later in the year and we thank them for their faith and support. We still await replies and details from a few Community Members whose details have been amended or changed. If you are one of these people, please look in your spam or junk folders.

There is incredible uncertainty about the next three-month period. We know it is unethical, and immoral to hold monies for shows which, in all likely-hood will not go ahead. We know it is in everybody’s best interest to return monies if we feel that the shows will not go ahead. And although there are terms and conditions in place there are no terms and conditions to cover this extraordinary situation. It will be wrong for us to hold exhibitors’ monies in this instance. Although this is not the only reason for payments to have been returned.

One aspect is this – there will be self-employed people, people with small businesses, many friends and longterm associates who will go through incredible hardships over the next weeks and months. Everything that we can do to help them we will do so, be it a few pennies or a few hundred it may well help them through difficult times ahead.

You’ll always gain our support and we will always make the right moral and ethical choices.  We hope that this gives you a good insight into how we operate our business, I still believe that many people want something to look forward to and wish to be working to their future.  I’m making no comment as to my feeling of the present situation, this can be discovered in another place.  We do what is right by the people who have supported us in the last three years of growth.  We’ll assess the rest of the year as it comes and all of our Community Members will receive clear updates as to our position with all future events. 

Many thanks for reading this article, please share it we do not want anybody to be under any doubt about our position.  Last week we had a few emails from people who had read social media posts regarding MBS and Wellbeing shows and difficulties with money and the reference was not to LizianEvents.

Stay safe, Ian and Liz 

We Will Repost This Artice Tomorrow


  1. The only decision possible. The integrity, and credibility, of the Community was at stake. There is so much that we can now do together. Thank you.

    • If we had cancelled a show, Gary, we would have taken the same stance: And I am certain that as an organiser yourself, you too would have returned deposits and full payments for shows within the time scale. Or indeed if you have or had cancelled an event. Not to have done so will be a reference point for the future. It is one of the reasons we do not take so-called rolling deposits: I feel there will be many exhibitors who will review the future with great care over the next three months. In fact, the damage to business will be far more reaching than three months. And make no mistake the aftermath will mean the building of many bridges. There should be no doubts or questions in the minds of Community Members we fulfil the correct business practice. Anyone who wishes to argue the point should do so publically. Ian

  2. THANK YOU Ian and Liz for putting our Lizian Community Well Being first. No doubt at some costs to yourselves. ….
    But as always, you are acting ethically, caringly and with transparency. Xxx

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