Clarification – We are receiving many emails about the ‘Celebration of Well Being Event’ in July. Here is the clarification:

We have booked The Lady Eastwood Centre for a Creativity Connected Even during the weekend of July 18 +19 date is now transferred to become the ‘Celebration of Well Being’. What is the reasoning? After careful consideration, we know a Well Being Show would work exceptionally well in July, and the event will give many people something to look forward to after the light returns to our society. The date for the event is three and one-half months away. And one should consider it is probable a semblance of normality will have returned to society.

Lady Eastwood Centre: LizianEvents: Lizian EventsThe Lady Eastwood Centre – So Popular With Visitors In February

We know there will be uncertainty. However, we know there will be many who wish to take part in the ‘Celebration of Well Being’. The event should be considered as a unification of like-minded people who can challenge difficult issues and demonstrate the potential of the community.

The appealing aspect of The Community is so many of us have seen the potential of the Well Being Shows. And have stayed with the idea from day one. Never has there been a better time to demonstrate the power of people working together. Consider the fact there will be many people who will be looking for direction during the latter part of 2020. And they will follow those who demonstrate strength and determination to seek a fruitful future.

LizianEvents: Well Being Show

Visitors Love The Well Being Shows – And What The Community Has Created

Over the last three years, The Community have built an excellent reputation with many hundreds of our Visitors. We have a faithful following who love The Well Being Shows. Why do they enjoy the events with such enthusiasm? The answer is The Community and the atmosphere of the Well Being Shows.

Consider the need to show Well Being Visitors you will be there for them. Many are your friends and loyal customers and clients. And these loyal Visitors will follow and support during the new beginnings.

Of course, there is uncertainty at this present time. And there will be difficulties and considerable hurdles to overcome. But surely, there is a need to prove the words we have spoken, the lessons we have taught, the idea we have followed? Never has the ways and paths of healer, spiritual and ethical trader been so crucial to the future of our society.

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Happiness All The Way

We have chosen to lower the stand costs to the most affordable level. Indeed we will subsidise the show if needed. And we will make this show an unforgettable event. One of happiness and celebration.

And this is why the choice is made to organise the event: A Celebration of Well Being – Over the next three and a half months we will dedicate our work to the future. We will unify those who wish to demonstrate the immense strength of spiritual idea and concept. And this event will be the acknowledgement of our purpose: Which is to help people discover ways to become a Well Being:

Well Being Means: LizianEvents

Celebrate Life ~ Become a Well Being

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