Liz Clarks Sunday Thoughts: 05.04.20 – I do not wish to take up too much of your time today. Although most of us have more time available than at any time in our lives. And yet many who are already overworked have become essential to our futures, and now are pushed to the very limits of endurance. My thoughts go out to the vital workers who will still be crucial workers when this is over. When will they get a break? Indeed how will the gain a break when this moment in time becomes a part of history?

It is interesting how governments the world over have found money to subsidise businesses when for year on year they have neglected their countries infrastructure. All of us have to take stock of long term needs and social requirements.

Many seek business support in these early days of the crisis. This is understandable: Ian and I have three businesses in which we have invested incredible amounts of life hours. Clearly we would not wish to lose those investments. Therefore we will work to keep the companies alive.

However: Ian and I feel that we should not benefit from the public purse after the crisis ends. Our feeling is it is the public services which need the investment. We feel rather than be temporally supported by the public purse,  we would benefit more from living in a society which has a secure and robust infrastructure which can help all of us through any hurdles.

To my mind, a plentiful resource of hospital staff, state-owned and publicly accountable care homes is far more critical in the long term, than short term support of private businesses. We need decent roads, great council-owned property for rental which results in a move away from taxpayer subsidised rented property. Rent subsidies keep rents high and waste money which should be diverted to building publically owned accommodation.

Many small business owners work with our organisation. And they will reel from my opinion. But be sure I am not writing about the small 50 thousand a year turn over business: the small cafe, the hairdressers or corner shop. I write of the companies which are owned by people who live in million-pound properties, send their kids to public schools and by bleeding every penny out of the lax tax regulations do not pay a fair levy.

I cannot see why the low paid taxpayer contribution should subsidise those who already have immense security. It is time for them to give back into a society which has in truth given them too many benefits for too long. Although, I accept my pleas will fall on deaf ears. But I have to make this statement, and I have to make my position clear. I have to be sure you know why we will record podcasts, publish submissions, and continue to look forward to the future and plan new events and give The Community opportunity to survive. You see, we stand on our feet and survive because of our actions. We do not need the support of the public purse because a Community supports us, and we will support them. 

None could dispute the ethos of our organisation. And YES! We sometimes make bloody and hard choices. And YES! Many do not like the way we work. But NONE can say we do not work for the majority of the Community. None can say we do not continue to fulfil our stated dedication to providing all who work with us the best advantage to succeed.

Everyone who is dedicated to using the platforms of LEN and LizianEvents Group benefits from the connections. We fulfil our obligations and go beyond the parameters of other businesses. I am not writing about similar companies: I write of hundreds of small businesses who are unable to produce our media and conduits.

Ian and I will continue to connect Community to Visitors: We will be there for those who see the potential of The Well Being Shows. We know it is imperative to keep up the momentum. Demonstrate to new Visitors the strengths of The Community. Over the last weeks I have come to realise how powerful is the potential of our network: On one day, we recorded three podcasts and received four submissions (enough for a week of articles). More people are placing posts on The Group. At a time when you would believe there would be no interest in booking a show stand, people are seeking information.

This article is no rallying call: no inspirational rhetoric: it is a statement of intention. There are many weeks of uncertainty to come. Many moments of despair and worry to comfort. Days of deep reflection and ones of joy for what we have. And throughout the weeks ahead, be sure of this: we will not waiver from our intention to support all who are part of the future.

Liz Clark
MD – LizianEvents Ltd


  1. Morning Liz, you say that is not inspirational rhetoric or a rallying call my response it is don’t underestimate the power of your words , for me reading it it gives me renewed energy, I along with other members of the community look forward to working at the shows again. I personally am always looking at ways of reaching people ,the new world order is upon us and we will rise again. Bright blessings.

    • Not anonymous comment, it is me and rest assured I am constantly evolving and looking at new ways of connecting with people, always here when needed.

  2. LD. I enjoyed reading this, Liz. As a visitor, I want to say thanks to you and Ian for all that you do. I am certainly looking forward to what will be the best event yet when it is allowed to take place.

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