You’ll struggle to find anyone who has a bad word to say about Campbell Wallace. No, I’ll rewrite that statement: ‘Apart from the nurses (wink-wink) who looked after Cam during his recovery: It’s impossible to discover anyone who has a bad word to say about this resourceful and inspirational Scotsman.

Our podcasts should be likened to conversations and you can delve in and comment if desired. Pre-recording Liz and I tell the guests that ‘anything goes’. The point is that listeners do not want to hear the same old rhetoric. The is no inference that the thoughts are set in stone or rock-solid scientific thesis. We are a Well Being Community and open-minded.

However: This podcast is real-life and allows the listener to understand how one confronts death. One must be under no misunderstanding: Campbell believed he only had days to live prior to his transplant:

In the podcast Campell talks about:

Days prior to the surgery
Anti-rejection drugs and examinations
His book Second Chance
Positive attitude
Tribute to Sir Stirling Moss
Rally Racing
Suggestions to Community and Visitors


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Campbell Wallace – Second Chance Two – Campbell Wallace needs no introduction to The Community. Cam and his wife Carol are year-round supporters of The Inspirational Well Being Shows. Their show stall and Ashton under Lyne shop are meccas for crystal lovers.

Cam and Carol travel the World to select the most beautiful crystals and minerals. They work tirelessly to provide their customers with a vast range of product at fair prices. This business ethics has worked for them and made them prosper for the last twenty years.

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Campbell Wallace 101% Winner

His many friends know that six years ago Campbell was near to death. His lungs were diseased and less than ten per cent efficient. One consultant sent him home to die. Like a real fighter, he refused to allow this final diagnosis to stand. He approached another surgeon who decided to give him a “Second Chance”.

As you can imagine, the process from being accepted by the transplant team to the surgery is nothing short of a monumental journey. The patient has to meet specific criteria to be approved for a transplant. For example, Campbell had to increase body weight before the procedure could happen. When we are ill, our appetite is weak, and Campbell was nearing death. This is just one hurdle he had to overcome.

He wrote the first edition of “Second Chance” five years ago. Since the first publication, Campbell has enjoyed a spectacular life. Taking advantage of every minute, this inspiring man is determined to respect and honour the donor’s gift by living life to the full. The second edition is completely rewritten and amended. Campbell has also added three more chapters describing his life over the last five years.

If there is a need to find a reason to live: if you are within severe illness or facing major surgery: or you wish to read an inspiring and life-changing book. Look no further than “Second Chance”. A fantastic story demonstrating the power of human courage.

It does not matter what problems you are facing. There may be real debt, a break-up of a relationship, or bereavement. Somewhere in “Second Chance” you will discover an answer. Or a seed of thought which drives you to a better future or lights a path to happiness.

Campbell Wallace’s journey is one of human courage and fortitude. When many feel sorry of their plight, Campbell rises above and conquers the problem. He does so with determination and without fear. This is more than a self-help book; it is a mind map which takes the reader to the destination known as happiness.



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