Everyone in the ‘World of Crystals’ knows ‘Crystal Carol Wallace’ – There is a barely a weekend when you cannot find her around the country selling her crystals. And between times you’ll find Carol at her shop in Ashton, or travelling the World looking for new additions to her crystal catalogue. She is a popular source of information and many believe her stock is second to none.

In this podcast with Carol talking to Liz Clark you will discover:

How Carol came to work with crystals
Information about her life (you’ll be surprised!)
Her favourite minerals
Carols dangerous ‘moments’ while travelling
About the shop
And something about Mr Campbell (now there is a surprise 🙂 )

Enjoy The Podcast:


And A Great Memory From Two Years Ago:

Congratulations to ‘Crystal’ Carol Wallace has just won the prestigious Soul and Spirit Magazine Prize for being the best-loved crystal expert in the UK. All who know Carol from The Well Being Shows will not be surprised to learn of this achievement. It is a well-earned marker in Carol’s long career.

By way of acknowledgement of this achievement, we republish one of the most popular articles published about Carol. On a personal level, I know Carol to be the most hard-working person. She has been involved in Crystal healing, and crystal retails for over 25 years. Carol has built an excellent reputation for her work and wisdom the length and breadth of the UK.

As you will read in this re-published article: Carol travels the world in pursuit of the most beautiful crystals for her customers.

Crystal Carol Wallace

Everyone knows Carol Wallace as Crystal Carol and rightfully so; if ever there were an individual dedicated to her work, Carol ticks the following categories.

1. Knowledge
2. Understanding
3. Wisdom
4. Devotion
5. Communication

Carol was born in Manchester, her father English, mother Irish and she is married to a Scot: So, if you are looking for authentic Celtic connections, we would have to agree Carol has all the qualifications. As we know, Celt’s have ingrained spiritual connections. There is no doubting the Celtic roots have worked for Carol, read her comment: ‘I cannot remember when I realised how insightful my thoughts could be. I found it easy to resonate with people, situations, and places. There was a ‘certain’ feeling which indicated right or wrong. For many years I believed this gift was an imagination, to the degree I almost denied the message.’

‘Later in life, I accepted and began to utilise the heightened awareness, and soon my life journey was making positive headway. Answers to difficulties and so-called tests became easier to see and work through. I  knew where my life was heading and success, happiness, and love would be within my destiny.’

A Tour Around Carol’s Shop

Carol Continues…

‘A difficult situation became a turning point. Many years ago I had a serious accident. Conventional medicine and surgery struggled to repair the damage and settle the pain. A friend gave me a crystal, and with that gift, horizons opened to a new world. When I comment New World, this is not an understatement.’

From small beginnings, Crystal Carol started to explore the World in pursuit of the finest quality specimens. She travelled to South America, America, Europe and over the years has built up excellent connections to mines, miners, and suppliers in Africa, the Middle East, and Asia. Her catalogue of the stock is second to none, as is her knowledge and understanding of the many aspects of crystals and minerals. By either visiting her incredibly well-stocked shop or visiting a ‘show’ a collector or healer will have something new to find to add to their collection. Beware though, making a choice may be difficult, the quality, depth, and breadth of the stock are simply fantastic: This is an aspect of the business for which Carol is often told off by her husband, Campbell!

Carol is proud to be a Melody endorsed and accredited practitioner – teacher. She recently (April/May 2017) returned from an intensive Melody Workshop in Dublin. Carol commented ‘Hard work for the delegates, my goodness there was so much to learn, Melody pushed everyone, but the rewards were worth the effort.’  Carol runs her workshops throughout of the year, and she can arrange ‘one to one’ lessons for those who wish to take their understanding even further. Although the Introduction and Advanced Workshops have brilliant reviews, and in constant demand: those who want to further their knowledge of the fascinating world of crystals and Crystal Healing will find no better place to begin, than a conversation with Carol Wallace – Universally known as Crystal Carol.

Carol and Campbell Wallace
Campbell and Carol Wallace

Link To Crystal Carol’s Shop

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