In a short interview with Liz Clark, Alan Wood talks about his life, work and future. As you would expect from a Community Member, Alan offers words of kindness and support. He is upbeat about the future and is already planning new talk presentations.

During the Podcast, you will listen to Alan’s thoughts on:

His life
Travelling the World
The Medicine Wheel
Purpose of a Smudging Ceremony
Sage types and blends
Influence of evil
Native American Traditions
Star People

Listen to the interview:


More Information about Alan:

Alan has followed a spiritual path for many years of his life. Twice each year he travels to the U.S.A to learn about Native American spiritual ideas.

As Alan researched the ways of the Native American and the different tribes. He asked if there would be interest in his work at The Well Being Shows. No doubt many Visitors follow the traditions and would enjoy listening to his knowledge.

During a short interview he spoke about the presentation:

“Ian it is not possible for me to cover every aspect of fifteen thousand years of history. The tribes have unique identities bound by shamanistic rituals”.

During his travels, Alan became accepted as a friend by tribe members. He enjoyed taking part in the ceremonies, not only this; he was taught the methods and ways of the rituals.

“The reasons for, and the sequence of each ritual is bound in tradition. In my mind, the shamanistic ideas can work for all of us, no matter what our place in life or society”.

Alan will be attending many Well Being Shows, and he will present a talk on two subjects:

‘Smudging with Sage’ and ‘Shamanism’

“It is a simple and straightforward presentation. I will provide the audience with a short insight into Native American tribes and dispel some myths. If there is an interest in the Native American and their ancient traditions come to my presentation”.

Here is an example of a Well Being Show Listing

“Alan has travelled extensively visiting Native American sacred sites, reservations, meeting and spending time with the people and gaining an understanding of their history and culture.  In his talk Alan discusses the following:

Smudging – What is Smudging? And why it is practised.
What Shamanism is & the different cultures that practice.
Alan’s personal Journey with spirituality & Shamanism.

Alan will also talk a little about Native American people, their cultures & the difference between the different lifestyles they have”

As you will now realise Alan and his work with the American Tribes is a fascinating subject. Whenever you have the chance to talk will Alan, take it! You’re guaranteed to leave with a life-lesson, never to be forgotten.


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