Alan Wood always enjoys a full house for his talks on Native American Traditions: And Alan has taken the time to make this short video of the traditional smudging ceremony. You should be aware Alan has spent may days with the Native American Indian and this ceremony is authentic.

The Medicine Wheel is a connection between Alan’s home and the people and elders he has worked with during his American journeys. As many of you will know, Alan’s after-talk smudging ceremony is also well attended. With many people travelling to the Well Being Show just to be part of this special event.

We’ll keep this article simple and leave you to enjoy the ceremony:

Alan Wood: Smudging: LizianEvents Ltd


  1. That was very interesting and I will be practicing this in my own home….I have met Alan a few times at the mind,body, spirit events and he is such a lovely person and his talks about the Native American Indians are very informative and inspiring….. I’m looking forward to attending the events again soon and to hear the new talks Alan was talking about on the podcast xx

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