Opening Doors – This coming week will see significant changes for many people. They are the small businesses owners who will reopen their shops and small offices. And they will expect a long road to recovery. Indeed only those who are prepared for slow beginnings, and extensive reinvestment in their futures will prosper.

An important aspect to consider is they all started from small beginnings. All have taken risks in the past, so to some degree, their inner-being is already prepared for hard work and making new connections and reinventing the future. Of course, many will have a solid following, and this will be to their advantage. Sadly, there will be many who will not have the stamina or drive to survive the weeks ahead alone. And the word ‘alone’ is the critical aspect of their future.

This article is written for potential customers to help the brave hearts who are entering a new phase to their lives. We should remember every small business kept alive and thriving will mean one or more people standing on their own feet financially. For every coffee shop owner, hairdresser, cafe, small retail outlet saved through the patronage of customers, new and old: there will be fewer people who burden the social systems and numbers seeking re-employment.

Owners of the businesses have to fulfil many legal and official obligations to open their businesses. These are not easy tasks to instigate, and inevitably mistakes will be made: do not chastise those who fail on the smallest of points: we are all imperfect, we all make mistakes. In reality, every one of us knows the best, most sensible and intelligent ways to operate within safe hygienic guidelines. Therefore, customers are asked to help by ‘making their contribution’, not by offering advice or complaints, but by fulfilling their obligation to hygiene and health protocols. We all have to commit to responsibility.

Do not forget: it is the sole retailer, shop worker, and ‘open office’ worker who puts themselves within the possibility of problems from customers! Inevitably, responsibility for health must be a two-way obligation. One should consider for most of us there is immense confusion in the messages sent out by officials and ‘non-officials’. So sensible guidelines must be followed: washing hands, keeping social distance are two basic requirements. One should follow the guidelines even if the ideas are not agreed on. For society to work rules and law must be followed. At this critical moment, there will either be a turnaround for the better or society will become glued to an unstoppable merry-go-round: a not so entertaining ride of success and failure. 

Shopping and socialising is the pleasure of millions. Whoever disputes this ignores the last fifty-years of social history. If we are to return to a society where Saturday means a day in the City and a meal on the way home, then we will have to work together to make this happen. Fact is: all the advice in the book will come to nothing if it is not heeded.

Never has there been a better time to shop local and with those who you know. Making a shop keeper a friend by becoming a regular customer makes excellent sense. It is suggested: buying a mug of coffee from a solely owned coffee shop, or shopping at a small outlet will make good sense; Why? Because the owner is the barometer of the health of the business! In an establishment where the same staff can be seen every day, the evidence of heath is visible! And this statement goes for all small businesses.

As the small privately-owned shops begin to reopen, use them to your advantage. Take care to respects their hygiene regulations and have patience while waiting for your turn to be served. If you desire to return to normal, help those who help you.

See You Soon

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  1. Well said dear the small business has had to do a lot of work and expense to be ready to open

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