Debbie Ison of Tranquil Awakenings is dedicated to !her profession: So, if you have an interest in the healing potentials of hypnosis NLP and Reiki it is worth talking to Debbie Ison. She is has earned a brilliant reputation as a therapist and counsellor. Debbie is a fantastic asset to The Community and Well Being Shows.

During the February Newark Well Being Show, I spoke to Debbie about her work. During this short recording, you’ll get a super insight into Debbie’s ethos and impressive list of qualifications. Interestingly, many of the Visitors I spoke to commented how wonderful it was to be given on of Debbie’s sunflower seed presents. When you listen to the interview, you’ll discover the sentiment behind this kind and spiritual gesture.

Debbie has become a phenomenal supporter of the Well Being Show concept, and she continues to promote her work at the events. I cannot overemphasise the powerful impression Debbie left with me during our conversation: in which she established her undoubted knowledge of the facets of her professional work. Visitors to The Well Being Shows with interests in counselling, NLP, hypnosis and Reiki shouldn’t miss the opportunity to spend ten minutes or more talking to Debbie about her work. Debbie also runs highly respected courses for all who wish to become involved in alternative therapies.

Listen to the Podcast:


More about Debbie and Tranquil Awakenings (taken from Tranquil Awakenings website):

Our lead practitioner Debbie creates a bespoke treatment package to tailor each therapy to the needs of the client.

Debbie works with each client to design a bespoke treatment package, which can combine her expertise in clinical hypnotherapy with a range complementary therapies including Brain Working Recursive Therapy, OldPain2Go, Kinetic Shift, Reiki and Neuro-Linguistic programming.

Debbie works from her specially built therapy suite in Lincoln’s historic Cathedral quarter. In this tranquil space, Debbie can work with you to unlock your potential.

Skype consultations are also available for clients from further afield who would like to utilise Debbie’s unique programme of therapies.

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  1. Debbie is amazing and her list of achievements is very impressive, I first met her at NLP training and she is just a human dynamo. I am very proud to consider her as a friend. She is well worth spending time with and can and will offer unique insights into matters of the mind.

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