The LizianShop has now been open for two weeks, and I’m getting a feeling for how our customers see the future of the Well Being Shows. All are positive about the announcement of the Newark Well Being Show 19-20 September. Yes: a few have expressed reservations, but the majority feels the choice to put the show together is the right move. Remember, the Newark Show Ground is just 30 minutes drive from Nottingham, and many of our Visitors are Nottingham based. Therefore the feedback is a good gauge of opinion. Ian and I are encouraged by the overwhelmingly positive feedback which we see as an essential and encouraging reference point.

We had a visit from Rachel Bavin this week, and she asked Ian how we would organise the running of the Newark Well Being Show in September. While I will not reveal all of the steps we are taking to provide Visitors with the safest event experience: I can comment on our reply to Rachel.

‘It is our opinion everyone who attends the event will be in full awareness of the dos and don’ts of the protocols needed to make the show run well. We will send out a circular to all Community Members nearer to the event. However, I can write that there is ample space to provide plenty of space between stands. We feel seventy Community Members attending will be a right balance between space and providing Visitors with a super Well Being Show. If we can run this show, We know that everyone who attended will fulfil every obligation of safety to themselves and Visitors.’

Once a week, Ian and I spend two hours working through the general running of the LizianEvents organisation. And we have talked about Zoom conference-style Well Being Shows. We concluded that while the idea has merit, the effort involved would not reach a broad enough audience for one event. For the concept to work we would need to run an online conference every week at the same time: not only this we would have to have the continuous support of at least twenty Community Members even to begin to promote the online show. It is fair to say the online events have not reached a wider audience as one would imagine. Yes! The conference is excellent for training and business connections: however, people talking about their work and products are already covered here on LEN.

This is a short Sunday Thought’s because I do not wish to be repetitive with my messages. It is enough to say: we are keeping Community and Visitors connected. There is plenty of evidence to prove we are keeping up to date with the promotion of the September Newark Well Being Show in September and fulfilling our promise to connect all who take part in the shows. Requests for booking forms and returned forms continue to be healthy for the event and if legislation allows the show to run we will be good to go!

Enjoy your week and be positive:

Liz Clark
LizianEvents Ltd

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