Millions of people lay awake at night wishing for sleep. There may be known worries or an underlaying concern which causes insomnia. One aspect which inflames the problem is as we lay awake, we know when it is time to begin the day our eyes will close and the body sleeps! Sleep is obviously important for health, and many of us fail to get enough sleep of the depth and quality of relaxation needed.

There are many articles written about insomnia and it the NHS has a superb page about this common malady. So why write another article about the issue? Because we are in a difficult and unique moment in time where many people are worried about their future and wellbeing and there will be an increase in the numbers of who cannot sleep.

Dead Sea Salt

Over the last month, I have taken to enjoying a half-hour evening foot soak in Dead Sea Salts. I add a level tablespoon of Dead Sea Salt to hot water in a washing-up bowl! The water must warm to hot and it does not have to be any deeper than two inches above the sole of the foot. Incidentally, do not confuse Dead Sea Salt with Epson Salt.

How Does This Work?

Magnesium: Magnesium mineral supplements have long been associated as beneficial to health. Many articles can be discovered about the benefits of magnesium on the internet. And the book ‘Transdermal Magnesium’ is a gold mine of information.

After using Dead Sea Salt for over a month I’m sure it helps promote deeper and more beneficial sleep. The soak allowing allows the magnesium to be absorbed through the skin. Apparently many people are deficient in this essential nutrient. And it is believed Magnesium plays an important part in helping the body to rest and relax. So the foot soak (or relaxing bath) containing Dead Sea Salt can help with better sleep patterns.

If you have an issue with sleeping why not consider Dead Sea Salt? It is cheap and to my mind effective. My suggestion is to buy a kilo and try a soak, every evening for a week. You have nothing to lose and a great night’s sleep to gain!

Ian Timothy

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