Tarot in 5 Minutes by Karina Collins ~ Book Review

Well! There will be plenty of sceptics who’ll read the title and dismiss it as a gimmick. Having read Tarot for many years: I’d ask you not to dismiss the claim out of hand. This book is an interesting read, and there are plenty of tips which can help a novice make head and tail of the mysteries.

Interesting Interpretations of Each Card

Anyone who has a passing interest in Tarot will love this book: it is a great introduction. The book and a deck of Rider Waite would become the centre for a fun evenings party. And why not? Tarot should be fun to learn. Don’t be too prissy about the cards and readings. Let’s accept the truth Tarot readers are often wide of the mark. It does not matter too much if the novice makes a hash of a reading.

We have to begin somewhere, and Karina’s book is a good foundation. I would go as far as writing: the card interpretations could be all one would ever need. And this statement is not frivolous: the idea is based on reading Karina’s ideas behind the meanings of the cards. There is a picture of the card on the left page and the purpose to the right. I have seen the before: Emily Peach’s ‘Tarot Workbook’ has a similar format: and it is an excellent way to learn the mysteries.

I read the book’s main instructions in about ten minutes: although Katrina’s five minute’s claim is entirely reasonable! There are five sections which take about a minute to read. The sequence is:

  • Essentials
  • Get to know your cards
  • How to ask a question
  • How to perform a reading
  • Questions and Answers

After this you’re straight into the meanings of the cards: there is no way you’ll learn the 78 major and minor arcana in five minutes. However, if you learn the ideas put forward in the first four sections and enjoy a few single cards readings using Katrina’s meanings, a pretty fair reading will be achieved.

Once the reader has reviewed the interpretations of the cards, the penultimate part of the book is titled ‘Spreads and Advanced Readings’. Again we meet with a concise and informative chapter. Karina delves into my favourite of all spreads: the underrated three-card spread. As a way of discovering specific answers, three-cards are tough to beat. If the question is: ‘What is your favourite part of the book?’ I’m tempted to point in this direction: to my mind readers of all abilities would learn from these pages. I would suggest understanding the three-card spread could be the foundation for a prosperous career. Not only this: if the ideas put forward in this chapter were well learned, they would be a reputation builder.

And finally, the last chapter: ’Sample Readings and Lessons’ I’m tempted to comment ‘Here you’ll discover great insight into a professional reader’s methodology’. Karina Collins is a professional reader of good reputation and the information found in the final part are very insightful indeed. Plenty of question and answer style information and a well-defined structure make the chapter an excellent tutorial.

Do I like the book? Well, from a professional readers perspective, the answer has to be ‘Yes’. Tarot in 5 Minutes is a well-conceived and thought-through book. Anywho dismiss Karina’s book because of the title are missing an opportunity to gain good insight of the Tarot from a writer who has an advanced grasp of the subject.

Tarot in 5 Minutes should be by every Tarot students bedside. It is a great book and combined with a deck of Rider Waite cards could become the foundation of becoming a professional reader. Accepted, one must have many years of experience before sitting in front of paying clients: However, the book is a sure-fire way to begin.

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