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Let's Dance: Jules Wheat: LizianEvents Ltd

Sometimes a real gem appears in one’s life: On Saturday Liz gave me an envelope and inside was a meditational treasure. It is a small booklet produced by Jules Wheat.

Now many people know that great things come in small packages. And Jules book is a real diamond. It is 20 pages of Jules’s beautiful paintings and each one has a poem or thought to accompany the images. There is also stand alone prose and each stanza would become a superb seed of meditation.

‘Smile Sweetly my love
You are not bad or broken. you never were
You were lost, you were asleep
You were afraid
But you were never broken’

Taken from ‘Letter to the Self’

I’m not going to spoil the magical journey the reader can take by owning this super little masterpiece. However, I’d make this observation:

‘At this moment in time: there could not be a better place to discover ways to find inner strength and conscious fortitude’

Let’s Dance with Jules Wheat is a must for everyone who desires to discover peace. No doubting the words are deeply cathartic. As already written, there are seeds mediations, but more than this: the book is a wonderful way to reconnect to one’s self worth. For a writer to attain this they have fulfilled the greatest writing goal. Well done Jules.

The Images:

There is a combination of clearly defined still life paintings and profound symbolism. I feel it works well with the sentiment of the text and makes the book a wholesome intellectual experience. Again, I do not wish to spoil the adventure of looking and reading it through. My feeling is it will make a lifelong companion.

A great book and worth the first pressing price of £5:00 + £2:00 P&P – The second pressing will be £7:50 + P&P. Go to the link below and private message Jules for more information. It is a great book and worth every penny.

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