Today’s article is an interview recorded with Mr Peter Wall who has introduced a new and exclusive online Hypnosis Course. The course is fully accredited with the National Council of Psychotherapy

Hypnosis can be a full time or part-time career. It can be an additional skill which can be used alongside therapies and complementary medicine. Hypnosis can be used to significant effect by salespersons and within many fields of business. Use the link below to access more information.

The Interview:


The link above takes you to the online course website: You can watch the introduction to the course and also view a sample video of a training module: Very interesting and enlightening:

Peter’s courses will provide insight into the way people think and behave. So it takes you further than a career. Once the skills of linguistics and patterns of words are learned, the newly qualified hypnotist can use these ‘life assets’ in every aspect of their routine life.

The link below takes you to Peter’s website and you can learn more about Peter and his work and courses:


Although we are in difficult times: there is the advantage many people have time on their hands! And never is there a better time to prepare for the future: Enjoy the interview and searching through Peter’s sites.

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