The theme for this article is restructuring life and bringing in the new and throwing out the old. It also touches on how to utilise downtime effectively. Influences for this piece are two hobbies. Wrestling and stand up comedy: How am I going to make an article from the two unlikely bedfellows? Prepare yourself for some eclectic thinking, I’ll take you on a journey.

‘The New World Order Organisation’ or NWO Group were a collection of wrestlers that came together because wrestling bosses were serving up a boring mediocre product. Full of old ideas: rehashed and re-presented as new and innovative. ‘The New World Order’ came into being too challenging a wrestling world that was dominated by one company. ‘The New World Order’ came in with an attitude, a fresh approach and totally changed the wrestling landscape for two or three years.

Ian and I enjoy interesting discussions. We spoke of a method of taking a word and throwing it out into the universe: then sense whatever vibration or energy comes back from meditation. Then give it an airing and either write or record words about mediation arisings. Using this way of working has influenced my writing style. Spirit woke me one morning and gave me the words ‘New World Order’. I was a little bit puzzled: although I trust this style of working so this article became written!

Another long term hobby is studying and observing stand up comedy. It has fascinated me how people can take a word or an occurrence and weave it into a humorous tale. One man who for me epitomised this was Bob Monkhouse he was brilliant at taking a few words and turning it into a monologue: thrilling audiences with his storytelling: he made relevant points for consideration. His style of working is also an influence in this piece.

Bob and I have something in common. Our writing and thinking is flexible, the reason I mention this is because rigidity will not allow compromise or help in making changes or alterations. Blinkered thinking without an ability to compromise will inevitably lead you down a narrow corridor with little room for manoeuvre.

What does The New World Order mean? Well, let’s look further, the key to any journey is the preparation made before a single footstep is taken. To make changes in life you should be willing to put yourself centre stage and scrutinise your thoughts deeds and actions. If you can be flexible with your mindset you are ready to start the journey. I’m prompting you to analyse thought patterns and notice if your attitude changes after self-contemplation. Be honest with yourself, take responsibility and make a decision to implement change when there is a need.

How can we bring a New World Order about and make it relevant in our environment? As already noted look at your patterns. Are you like wrestling before the NWO brand? Are you turning out a tried and tested product because that is what you have always done, is there a monotonous quality about it?  Do you know or feel something is missing but either fear or familiarity is stopping you from making changes? 

Do you start out with lots of energy and enthusiasm for projects: which soon become without enthusiasm?  How do you know when it is time to make changes? Well, the key to this is learning to recognise energy levels: how much life force you have: how much enthusiasm for completing the daily tasks of life?

The NWO Organisation recognised the old product was stale and needed refreshing it needed innovation and new ways of thinking about something that had been performed thousands of times before, NWO Organisation decided that changes needed making and came in with the attitude of ride with us or don’t either way change is coming

Now to come to the crux! Let’s start the journey, let’s create an action plan and flow chart simple in construction and a good reference point. Start by asking basic questions, consider your life experiences: and the environment. Do not judge yourself harshly during one’s observations. Ask if you’re happy with life and if the answer is: ‘Yes’ then there is no need to change. Carry on doing what you are doing and make minor tweaks when necessary. If the answer is ‘No’ then consider: What is your truth? How would you define true happiness? And how would you know if you were indeed surrounded by happiness? Objective thinking is needed! Because if we can identify what ‘happiness’ is we can start putting in the foundations of a pathway to change. My thought is you have to want to change the landscape before it can be adapted.

Look carefully at your environment: is it conducive to bringing out the best in you? If ‘Yes’ answer then you are doing a good job. If ‘No’ then changes are required. Remember, it is usually at the beginning of the change we will encounter hurdles or even full stop roadblocks. A furtive mind conjure’s up to all sorts of reasons (excuses) why an NWO cannot be achieved: For examples: lack of money, no confidence, the ‘other people won’t like it’ syndrome. One big excuse is: ‘I don’t have the time’ – I’m to busy’ And I’ll counter ‘You want me to believe you are willing to prioritise time focussed on the things you don’t want in your life?’ and ‘You prefer wasteful activity rather than use beneficial effort into building a new life?’ The answer is for you to choose! If your choice is to stagnate and waste your time and effort. Let’s assume you are not happy to progress and advance your life and the article ends here. 

If the thought is toward making a positive and beneficial change: how do we make them work? To my mind the status quo needs challenging, It is essential to think long and hard about yourself. A journey of reflection is essential. Without an understanding of how you live you will never know why you live in your way. And unless there is an acceptance, not of your assets, but of your failings, the way to change cannot happen.

Let’s recap: there is a need for change. The energy to complete the task is there, as is the willingness to challenge the status quo. For a time the need is to work to eradicate feelings of inadequacies and lack in confidence. Think carefully that the new way of life (the New World Order) will take time to achieve and your positive changes many not be consciously recognised. But, stay positive and work with care in the future. Focus on EVERY positive aspect of your life. 

Allow the ability to reflect on failure and setback as positive. Then a hurdle is encountered say ‘I am fuelling change: I am putting down the foundations for new pathways to happiness. I have identified where I want to be and where I want to go and there needs to be no specific timeline to when my NWO will become manifest’. You’ll not beat the old adages: ‘Rome wasn’t built in a day’ and ‘Forward is forward no matter how small the steps’ and you WILL gain momentum.

Realise situations and life events sometimes have a habit of throwing you a curveball. This is when the flexibility of mindset is needed most. Don’t get locked into turning out a stale product if it doesn’t adequately reflect the true-self  Think clearly about what is right for you. Speak your truth, by writing your action plan. Take corrective action to achieve the desired results. Engrave this truth the walls of the soul: ‘Change is possible when I believe in myself, my objectives, my desires, my life.

Some of you will take solace from the ideas. Others will disagree. A majority of sceptics will reel out ‘Easier said than done Rick’ To all of you I ask: ‘What role are you playing in the costume you have made from your deeds and thoughts?’ Your eyes are reading these words NOW and your body will live this life just once. Sure there may be some hasty re-writes of scenes of the play of life. There will be many alternative routes to travel and even those will encounter detour (life can be very twisted). But consider the accepted truth: Life is a many act play and the curtains fall only once. There will be NO Encore.

Humankind will always show true colours or what they are made of during difficult times. Issues and ‘full stops’ will need to be encountered. However, if we look, we’ll discover positives in even the smallest of problems. Although, one has to train the mind to see positive, seeing the negative is easy and damages the potential to succeed. Don’t wait till until you’re isolated or locked in before making positive changes. Begin today! You’ve earned the opportunity to change just by standing on the stage of life.

Be sure you are good enough for any situation. Put yourself at the forefront of your desires visualise how your New World Order should look. Remind the doubter’s changes are here and they can ride alongside or get out of the way! Enjoy the journey and plan wisely. And always remember in times of doubt, the guy in the noisy waistcoat has you in his thoughts and prayers.

Bright blessings Rick Paul.

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