Will asked me if were ‘going over the top’ with our announcements and guidelines!

Here is my answer:

If you think there is going to be some magic switch which will be turned off in three months time and the world will become a hygienic illness-free place: forget it: The situation is now so complex, any movement will be interpreted in different ways. Our feeling is we have to understand the limitations and work to fulfil our obligations. Our feeling and the feeling of those we have worked with over the last three months is: Every time an event opens its doors it becomes a learning curve: and those who have the experience will gain access to future events. It is my sure feeling, anyone who makes a mistake will lose the opportunity to organise further events.

It is no use saying ‘I’m promoting the event: it’s up to you to sort out your own rules’ There is no way this is going to work. Our job as organisers is to inform of the present guidelines and see they are enforced to the best of everyone’s advantage.

We look at the Well Being Market Community List:

What a fantastic and positive group of people. They know their Well Being Markets and in the future the Well Being Shows have a unifying principle. All are very special people: here is an example:

In a conversation with Campbell Wallace last week he said: ‘We are attending the Well Being Market as a demonstration of faith in the future. Of course, there is a financial aspect to standing at any event. But this one is different in every way, it is a new beginning and seems to be the seeds of the future. I have every confidence in your ability to organise the Well Being Market. And while there will be limitations and undoubted restrictions, we’ll accept these as part of the new experience. Carol and I are conscious of your contributions, dramatically lowering stand prices, continuous promotion of the Community and the organisation over the last six months. And Ian, We have a lot of Community friends and all see acknowledge the unique and amazing contribution to everyone who has worked with you over the last seven years. Will the Market be a success? It already is Ian, I see no one who has come close to your dedication to putting a Market together. Your dedication to awareness and Visitor information will set the precedent for the months ahead.’

So to increase the awareness: We have prepared a FREE MP3 audio download of the Newark Well Being Market Guidelines. It is simple safe and secure: Click the link and download the file. Listen to it while travelling to the show and get yourself aware! Remember being aware is the key to our future and security. Yes, we know these are difficult times: follow the rules no matter what your feelings: Let’s be safe, not sorry. 🙂

Click the image for the link to the free Newark Well Being Market Guidelines

Lady Eastwood Centre: LizianEvents Ltd

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With only a few days to go before the Newark Well Being Market every article will be about the event and people thoughts about the Well Being Market Concept. And if you wish to join the mailing list use the form below:

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