A busy week preparing for the Well Being Market: We have to get everything organised to the best possible standard. We have a great interest in the Market: Therefore we have to excel in every avenue.

This is an exceptional and unique opportunity to run the Well Being Market. And we will work in every way possible to make the show a success: Above all is our dedication to the safety of the Well Being Market. To this end we have produced an eight minute video of the Well Being Market Guidelines.

Share this as much as possible: It is in the interests of everyone who attends the Well Being Market to prioritise safety and hygiene regulations. We all know what is expected of us and we can excel to have enjoy a memorable Well Being Market.

Thank You for being there for all of us: Never have we seen so much connection. Incidentally, LEN and the Community Message was very much part of the decision for the Well Being Market to go ahead. You are all demonstrating what can be done in the most testing of situations this century.


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