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The demand for information about the Well Being Market is superb: We like transparency, and so we’ll publish the stand fee’s and answer some questions. The guidelines and fees apply to both Well Being and Pure Spirit Markets. We work with local authorities and SAG before market dates and conform to every up to date guideline and regulations.

We have received further and important questions / observations which need addressing:

The fees seem excessive for a market:

Answer: The markets open in purpose built, spacious venues. The markets are warm and inviting and above all spacious. This means attending Community Members have the advantage that Visitors will feel safer, be warm and comfortable and will stay longer at each stall. The buildings are superb venues to hold an indoor market. The reality is the best does not and never has come cheap! Quality costs money: and we are running the markets at cost to help Community Members keep in contact with clients and customers this is essential for a continuation of business. The prices are fair for the standard of venue and facilities offered.

Epic Centre : Lincolnshire Well Being Show

The Epic Centre:
Large purpose built building:
Spacious and clean: Free parking:


Answer: The buildings have immaculate facilities. Toilets are cleaned throughout the day. We have ‘surface area’ wipe down staff working throughout the day.

Food facilities are of the highest standard and although limited: there is sufficient choice to fulfil every taste and diet.

Are the buildings C-19 Safe?

Answer: There is no such thing as C-19 safe or C-19 secure. We can only fulfil and exceed every guideline set out by the local authorities. We work extensively to understand every requirement. And we work right up to the moment the doors open to keep the standards above requirements. A consistent comment from Visitor and Community made during and after the Newark Well Being Market related to the high standards of hygiene and attention to hygiene safety. All were conscious of the presence of cleaning staff and continuous disinfection wipe down of contact surfaces.

Lady Eastwood Centre: LizianEvents: Lizian Events

The Lady Eastwood Centre:
Large purpose built building:
Spacious and clean: Free parking:


Spiritual Counsellors: – £200:00 strict limit on stall numbers

Retail: £120:00 per table

Therapies: £100 per area: large area to cover all social distance guidelines

Franchise: £100 table

Information: £75 table

If the market is cancelled by local authorities: stand fees are returned less a £5:00 admin fee. We want to return all fees: however, there are inevitable banking and admin costs, so the small charge has to be made. We do not feel rolling over stand fees is workable or fair.

We are processing applications on a first come first booked process: Please take into account we currently have a seven day processing time.

A returned booking form is a firm contract that traders will attend: Payment for the stand must be received no later than ten days before the market takes place.

All stands conform to social distancing guidelines. 

Traders are expected to provide hand sanitisers and understand the guidelines which will be emailed out seven days before the market.

There is Friday set up for every show: You can arrive after 13:00 and continue to set up until 19:00 hrs. Saturday set up is from 07:45, and you must be set up and ready by 09:45. There are no exceptions:

The markets trade from:

Saturday 10:00 until 17:00 hrs

Sunday 10:00 until 16:00 hrs

Our venues have massive free parking spaces: There is a disabled priority at the front of the buildings. Stallholders are asked to move their cars away from the building after setting up: this is to help with Visitors parking and social distancing guidelines.

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