Do you believe in synchronicity? I’m never sure if one becomes more aware of a phrase or situation which is highlighted in the consciousness because of an unconscious desire to address or consider the focus of attention.

Over the last two weeks or so: people enquiring about the Well Being Markets use a strange phrase: it is: ‘We are all in this together’. And the first time I listened to a Community Member saying this, I’m sure my reply was thought of as unfavourable.

My reply was ‘If you are saying, everyone in the world is involved in a crisis, I agree. If you are suggesting we are working together as one powerful force working to overcome the crisis: I disagree’.

The certainty is: many people have differing ideas about the crisis. You will know my opinion from my social media opinions: there is no secret. Many oppose my thoughts, and many agree. We are all attracted to likeminded people; however, even within there are agreements and objections. So we could conclude finding unified effort or a mutual way to solve the crisis is impossible.

While I have my opinions: I have singular respect and understanding of opposing points of view. I do not have an opinion as to the guidelines and rules: there is no way I would break them or attempt to shortcut any safety measures. I respect the people who have a deep-rooted fear of becoming ill. Anything I can do to eliminate the fear of friends and strangers will be done. However, we should be realistic, those in fear or who have doubts about the market’s security will not attend in any event! But it is still essential to demonstrate to those who attend; their safety is THE priority. 

In clarity, the markets we plan and operate: have standards well above the set guidelines. Ian and I know the importance of proving positive adherence to social rules and procedures. It is evident, without accepting and ( for us ) exceeding the safety parameters, we would not be able to organise and run the markets.

During the crisis, Ian and I have to demonstrate integrity. For examples: publishing stand fees and production of video and audio guidelines. We have to continually update and work with effort to ‘up the standards’. Demonstrating to Visitors, we are working for their benefit, and the future of a type of show loved by hundreds of people.

However, although we are in a crisis together, we cannot all work together to a common purpose. You see, the statement seems to me to suggest we should make some form of sacrifice to make the markets work. The statement implies Community Members and Vistors must sacrifice or ‘make do’ for the markets to go ahead. Ian and I do not see our work as a compromise or a sacrifice. Nor do we believe Community Members and Vistors should make any sacrifices to us as organisers.

Community members and Vistors are asked to accept we will work in every way possible to make the markets an excellent experience. Community Members can arrive, set up and trade. Visitors can arrive, park for free and enjoy the market. Ian and I do not want anyone who takes part in the markets to feel they have to do anything other than enjoy the day or weekend.

We will provide the best venues: designed for the purpose. The markets are warm and secure with distancing, which exceeds safety guidelines. We are dedicated to making the markets as socially acceptable as possible. And Yes! This does have a price, although our stall prices are more competitive than any other organiser and we offer superior and fit for purpose buildings to work within.

We are in a crisis together, and that is all. If you are a Community Member or wish to trade come to the markets and focus on your work. Make the stall the best it can be: clean and bright and full of superb produce. Trade from your perspective, be unique and promote your presence and ability. And when you do this: you will make the whole market a brilliant customer and Visitors experience.

Visitors accept for us to organise and run the markets with lowered stall fees: their entrance fees are contributing to the running of the market. For the time being, LizianEvents chooses to organise our markets at a breakeven cost: helping Community Members and Stallholders keep in contact with their customers and clients.

Final comment:

I noticed a comment on the Newark Well Being Show Market: It was ‘Not the same atmosphere as in the past’ – My answer is ‘What public market or public facility has the same atmosphere as the old experience?’ We are in new territory with restricted parameters. The stallholders who attended the market they had made a real impression with the Visitors. For the .001% who thought the market lacked the atmosphere we apologise for our failure.

Liz Clark
MD – LizianEvents Ltd

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