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Podcasts will return during the next month. We have been working on a new studio to make video and audio productions. It is now complete, and the standard of our shows will form a better awareness platform for the organisation’s work and direction.

Regular readers know: we have a favourable view of the future. And we will announce new venues in 2021-2 and an extended calendar. It is fair to write; we have chosen to become stronger with promotion and Visitor awareness: this is not the time to be weak or without a defined purpose.

Again we are lamplighters. 

It is heartening to see other organisers in the MBS circuit are following our lead yet again! We dominated with our identity ‘Well Being’, and many followed. As mentioned many times, my feeling is they diluted identity and demonstrated lack of conviction. We now see other organisers using the word MARKET. Please do not fool yourself: our markets are not rebranded Well Being Shows. For the moment our Well Being Shows are on hold.

The identity of the Well Being Markets are: lower stand prices: large and modern facilities and providing future-driven business plans. People are not prepared to be taken as fools: they have endured the most challenging year of their lives and have had time to think in-depth and breadth about their future. Only by offering great value for money and demonstrating great care and ethos will we prosper.

We are not playing a game:

Although we are here to win and be the best small event organiser as we can be! Visitors and Community Members know we have demonstrated the utmost integrity and fairness over the last year, a fact which cannot be refuted. We reinvest in venues: people and facilities. And we will continue to make longterm choices to provide the strongest and safest of trading platforms.

Our ethics and ethos will not change:

We’ll be fair and upfront about our intentions. And we’ll keep on sending out the message. Over 9000 people read LizianEvents News last month. The weight of information is influential and far-reaching. We are proud to say: no one can catch us on our media platforms. With 1500 articles: 120 video productions and 100 podcasts people worldwide review our work: and this is only the beginning, there is much work ahead, as it seems we have become a centre-point of Well Being information. Many submissions are inspirational and help readers to cope with difficult and contemporary issues. We have always seen this as our mission: to connect people between organised events.

We must listen to the issues people have experienced elsewhere. And make sure we’ll never be seen in the shadow of mediocrity. We have respect for The Community and Visitors. And we’ll continue to keep and strengthen our identity and share and promote our work throughout the wellbeing communities.

We’ll continue to improve our Well Being Markets, and we will take the markets countrywide in 2021-2. The Well Being Shows will be ready for an airing in the future.  And we’ll make sure the stall prices are razor sharp and affordable. Everything we can do to keep people trading will be done. So to keep the balance fair, we’ll expand the reach of the markets. Liz and I have spoken to new venues, and they are enthusiastic about working with us: indeed, we are surprised by the venues who have approached us! Venues are looking for new business they are ready to accept original organisers: this is a great time to take every opportunity.

Yes! This article must be seen as a rallying call and a statement of intention. Agreed it is a stern message: no apologies: our choice is to survive and prosper are the future unfolds. And we desire for those who work with us to thrive and survive using the platforms we provide. There will be no mediocre venues: all will have close and unlimited free parking. As the guidelines change and evolve, we will aim to exceed the safety parameters. Our mail outs will increase to twice monthly, and Visitors will be kept up to date with the plans for the future.

LizianEvents will do everything possible to prioritise Visitor, Community and Stallholders safety and security. As always, we promise to reinvest in the future success of everyone who chooses to work within the organisation.

We will prosper together:



  1. A much needed rallying cry for the community, cannot wait to get going and look forward to the changes challenges and successes in the coming months and years.

  2. Great post= ONWARDS & FORWARDS, as always SENSIBLY, ETHICALLY & CARINGLY. Nothing to fear, a lot to boost & inspire you! Am looking forward to seeing again our Community Members & dear Visitors 🙂

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