Yesterday: Liz and I visited the Epic Centre at Lincolnshire’s Show Ground. I confess to having the same feelings encountered four years ago when we organised our first event at the venue.

We have to accept The Community hit the notes last month at the Newark Well Being Market. Visitors were pleased with the market and found more than sufficient stands to make their day worthwhile.

As I looked around the Epic Centre: I realised we could build on the success of Newark. Yes! We are indeed in challenging times, but I’m convinced we’ll all gain immense reputation from being part of the Lincolnshire Well Being Market.

The interest from Visitors is immense. Those who travelled to Newark will travel to Lincoln. And we have established an ability to meet and exceed the guidelines set out by local authorities. No doubting this will build confidence in Visitors who were unsure about visiting the market. The Newark Well Being Market has become a reference point for the future of the markets.

So, as Liz and I looked around the venue: we realised we are at a turning point in the future. Anyone who becomes part of the Well Being Market can be sure they are demonstrating faith in the future. We should consider the Well Being Markets as more than a trading platform: we are evidence of human fortitude and strength of survival.

Don’t underestimate the sentiment of this article. It may be short, but the message is excellent. To believe we are just taking part in a selling exercise is flawed. The Well Being Market connects Visitors to Community and Stallholders. And it is a connection which will never be forgotten. Just four weeks after the Newark Show we are still receiving praise and thanks for putting the market together. Be part of it: rekindle faith in the Well Being of people who love the genre.

During these testing times, it is easy to become weary. Weary of the negative news, tired of the fatalism, tired of the mixed and uncertain messages. Our message is one of unification and strength. It is one of human spirit and determination. We demonstrate that we can work against the odds: work through the hurdles and make something worthwhile and memorable.

As I looked around the Epic Centre: my thoughts returned to the first show we’d organised at the venue and then the success of the last show of 2019 where we were a few Visitors short of 1000 attending. And I think carefully about the way our shows would have progressed if the crisis had not occurred. No doubt in my mind we would have attained ‘full house’ events plus 1000 attendances: this is no illusion: The Community has earned an incredible reputation and following. Fortunately, we have continued to keep Visitors aware of their work and progress. And because of the connection, the markets will prosper. Not only are we the only organisation supporting the Well Being genre. We are learning great lessons, and many will be taken into the events, markets and shows of the future.

No one can doubt our attention to detail and the innovative nature of overcoming problems of putting the markets together. The security and safety of Visitors, Community and stallholders are paramount. I’ve no issue with repeating the message.

So, join The Community and Stallholders who’ll make the Lincolnshire Well Being Market a brilliant experience. We know the Epic Centre is purpose-built for significant events. Unlimited free parking: vast and spacious: with world-class facilities. Combine these assets with a group of amazing people and magic will happen.

See You Soon

Next Market
7 + 8 November 2020
The Lincolnshire Well Being Market
The Epic Centre
Lincolnshire Show Ground

75 Community Members Stalls + 40 Presentations

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