‘Debbie Ison’s Support Page’ ~ I’m delighted to announce a new page here on LizianEvents News. It is ‘Debbie Ison’s Support Page’. The idea behind the page is discovered in the title. So, we have decided to take the concept further. And the help page will also have a series of podcasts available for download. The podcasts will commence during the first half of November 2020.

Debbie is a well respected and highly qualified wellbeing professional. Over the last eight year’s she has dedicated her life to helping people through a raft of psychological, mental and physical issues. To help her help clients, Debbie embellishes many therapy methods. She has attained the highest qualifications available for use in her busy clinic.

Can a podcast make a difference?
The question needs more than one answer:

Debbie is insistent on covering one subject for each podcast. There seems no point in putting together a program which lacks focus. It is essential to provide a clear and structured approach to every issue covered.

Each show will last for around thirty minutes, and this will be enough to discover aspects of a problem. For example, Debbie may approach the difficulties experienced with anxiety. A listener will learn to identify the problem and then be helped with ways to overcome this too common and limiting issue.

Debbie feel’s the productions should be downloadable so a listener can return to the beneficial information as many times as needed.

Of course, Debbie is a full-time practitioner, and the podcast will introduce people to her work and abilities. One to one sessions can be arranged through her website.

Here is a message from Debbie about her work and ethos:

“For some time now, I have been attempting to figure out my higher purpose. What am I here for, and how does my eclectic range of skills feed into that?
Some of my friends have the role of helping the environment; some of them are leaders, some are healers, some hold space, some protect others. I have been trying to figure out which one of those I do, and now I think I realise. I am here to do all that is necessary.
I am here to save lives, and I am here to help others heal, I am here to stand against evil, I am here to spread love, I am here to teach, I am here to serve, and I am here to save the planet.
I invite you all to join me in this quest, with whatever skills you bring forward because together we can make a wonderful world”.

Debbie Ison

Visit Debbie’s Website

We look forward to making Debbie’s page an essential guide to finding help and respite during and after the difficult times ahead.

See You Soon

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