Darren Stanton – Online Event

Darren is running an online event on the 11th of December 2021

An Afternoon of Serial Killers, Murderers and Suspects ~ Darren comments:

Join me for an afternoon of psychology, body language, serial killers, measures and suspects. An afternoon of serial killers and killers. Join TV celebrity psychologist, body language and deception detection expert for this fascinating afternoon online event

From the comfort of your own home, you discover some of the body language secrets of some of the world’s most famous killers.

Learn all about How psychology helps law-enforcement catch the murderer from the evidence left and the interview mistakes. Not only will you learn about the fascinating aspects of facial expressions and body language. You will also discover how the speech patterns can reveal various ‘truths’.

You may not ever meet with a killer: But you will meet a liar or confidence trickster at some time during your life. Lessons learned during the shoe will stay with you for a lifetime. You never know; they may just save your life! You’ll be able to use the information learned in your day to day life.

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