I was alerted to a comment on a Facebook post, the post’s subject was the stallholder list for the Lincolnshire Well Being Market: Referring to the screenshot of the statement it was:

‘In your dreams, LOL.’

I replied with two short sharp messages, and the post was removed. But not before three people had privately messaged me expressing their anger. I’m not angry. I’m thankful because the words have given me time to think.

‘In my dreams’

Of course, organising a Well Being Market had to be a dream. Without dreams, hopes and inspiration what would be created?

Would Einstein have conceived the theory of relativity? A man walked on the moon? The Taj Mahal been built. Would you work hard to enjoy a happy life? Sacrifice everything to help your child succeed? Dream the dreams which help you through the day?

Without our dreams, there is nothing to form the mould of objectives. If we do not dream, we cannot create: for dreams are the seeds of ideas and success: and failure and determination.

If we if did not dream of making the markets happen: we could only dream of what could be: or even worse the dreams could become nightmares: and so many people are having nightmares of horrendous futures. We will not be manifesting nightmares: our work is to create a future. Do not demean my dreams: because to dream is to acknowledge possibilities.

When I dream of people working together, I see them as forging a future, not ruining the great attainments of the past. We are watching the achievements of the past being decimated day by day: so why not dream for rebirth and newbeginnings? When I dream of the markets being attended by future-minded people, I see the ‘will of mankind’ still alive and fighting for survival against the odds. I see many people who work to help us ‘make the markets’ work. And I thank them for the faith they have in us to fulfil our promises.

When I dream of the work, the Stallholders and Community put into the market. I see the sacrifices made and their faith in the future. When working together, we see the results of human endeavours and the commitment to continuing to live and see future possibilities.

None of us knows anything for certain, not a one. But be sure of this, some people will fight against the odds, and they are rewarded for taking part in the battle, for today we are in many conflicts. Conflicts of scientific thoughts, friends are becoming foe, irrational thoughts, people unable to accept the realities of life’s difficult and challenging journey.

If we are to overcome an obstacle, there must be action, and the action sometimes means working against the odds. Like the stallholders and Community Members who choose to work against the odds, fulfil every guideline, follow every safety measure to work to keep their businesses alive.

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Is This a Dream? Lincolnshire Well Being Market’s Venue
The Epic Centre – Lincolnshire Show Ground

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7 + 8 November

Businesses which many have been committed to for tens of years: businesses which have been nurtured and fed with immense amounts of dedication, money and time. The Community and Stallholders have often trained for months to gain their qualifications. They are committed to the path they love, a way which brings feelings of inner success and achievement, which only dedication can provide.

Yes, the success of the market is in my dreams: and the success is seeing the Stallholders and Community doing what they do best. It does not matter if they are traders, spiritual counsellors, selling courses or information: they are all working to make a profit, and there is a yield more than the money taken at the market. It is an acknowledgement of faith:

The market demonstrates faith in life and trust in the future. Demonstrating none of us capitulates to the past months. And we all have to work hard to make this happen: we have to dream together: knowing how much care and diligence must be taken to make the market as safe as possible for customers and clients. Our dream is big: undoubtedly more significant than those who wish to demean our work: which is to work for the future.

If we are to dream: then let us envisage a life where we can be free again. For freedom is love: without love, there is no freedom. Those of us who rise above the situation and make the best of what is available are like great gardeners. Who can cultivate any ground, no matter how barren, and they’ll continue to work the land until the seeds of determination and faith begin to grow the saplings of great oaks.

To the Community and Stallholder’s. the Well Being Markets are more than a selling platform. The Well Being Markets are evidence of a determination to continue through the most difficult of times. They show evidence of great endeavour and purpose. And I cannot see them in any other way. Is this a dream? To some, it is the dream encountered during sleep: to me, it is the dream of life and grit and success.

In My Dreams? Yes, and my eyes are wide open.

Ian Timothy

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