Dr Don Harradine – The Why of Business – If you wish for your business to thrive, you will benefit from listening to Dr Don Harradine talking about businesses success. Don is presenting three podcasts focussed on businesses prosperity.

Many people think they are business gurus. Over the next three weeks Dr Don will examine how business’s prosper by understanding the Why – How – When of a business plan. To understand the fundamentals is possibly, all one has to know to make the business successful. Today he reflects on the ‘Why?’ of business.

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It is important to remember the format for business will work, whether it is a one-person band or 1000 employees. Yes, you can be sceptical, but if you listen to the Podcast, your mind may be changed. Remember Dr Don is an experienced business studies lecturer and highly qualified accountant, working at the higher echelons of commerce. This Podcast is worth listening to with an open mind.

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Dr Don Harradine’s Podcasts will be published each Monday for the next few weeks.

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