When I write a post, the consideration is should it be about the events or personal observation. As many of you know, I do have a somewhat strong opinion of the present situation.

It is fair for people to feel my thoughts are focussed on the damage the crisis is making on business. Indeed, many of the Community Members and Stallholders are concerned about what the future holds. Do not make the mistake of thinking material aspects of the crisis are my priority: As anyone reading LEN must realise, we have the wellbeing of everyone at the centre of our thoughts.

Anyone who has visited the LizianShop one the last sixteen years will recognise our dedication to customer service. And ten’s of customers have become good and loyal friends. Never a day passes without me talking to at least five friends through emails and messenger. I’m supported by a fantastic group of friends and family.

I listened to Barrie John’s podcast on Friday. He talks about listing the name’s of five old friends and keeping in contact during these difficult times. And I’m sure many of you will consider this a great idea. All of us know the feeling when someone says ‘How are you? Do you need anything?’

Read another article about sending friends and family the message: ‘Your friendship is all I need’ is a potent way of helping them with finances this Christmas. Ian and I never give each other birthday or Christmas presents! We cannot see the point of buying a present as we already have more than enough. And we certainly do not expect anything from family and friends.

LizianShop Market

Lizian Shop

During the first years of opening, LizianShop customers gave us many presents. The problem was we had so many we couldn’t afford to reciprocate! An embarrassing situation. So from that year onwards, we have made it clear that ‘our customers custom’ is the best present they could give.

Christmas Cards presented another slightly different situation. We wrote out tens of cards. And realised when we gave out the cards people were embarrassed because they had not written one for us! And why should many customers do so? We are after-all a retail business. Again we decided to stop writing cards.

Every year we work with over one-hundred and thirty Community Members and Stallholders. Our choice is sending out emails thanking everyone who has contributed to the success of the events over the year.

This year has been somewhat restricted! However, we have to acknowledge it has been a success because we are still here and still communicating every day with hundreds of people. So, while we clearly could not have personal connections: we still have a thriving relationship.

My Sunday Thought’s sentiment is this: Everyone of us will continue to work in the future. Do not allow this situation to restrict open-minded realisation; the problem cannot continue forever. And while there is much talk of new-normals and other concepts of new ways of life. Remember we are adaptable and those who seek to survive will work around any situation: making the best of what is available.

Keep people informed. Allow them to understand that at this time, the priority is for one’s family. You do not have to buy presents for everyone if you cannot afford to do so: and they will understand, because they know, the friendship is worth more than anything money can buy.

See You Soon

Liz Clark
MD – LizianEvents Ltd

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