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Live – 7 December 2020

Fluorite – for focus 

Carry Fluorite when you have need to clear your mind, and make positive decisions

Fluorite has been associated with helping people achieve their goals, acquire new knowledge. It is believed that wearing this stone may help you achieve perfection through knowledge, help you balance memory, and achieve harmony.

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Common characteristics of all Fluorites is their ability to bring harmony, calmness, new ideas, increase intuition, cleanse the aura, removes negative energy, and provides balance.

Physical healing properties of Fluorite crystal are also associated with healing skin problems, respiratory tract illnesses and problems, and throat infections. This stone is great for treating bronchitis, colds, flu, and pneumonia. It is commonly used for relieving nerve pain, ulcers, preventing teeth problems, bone problems, and osteoporosis.

Main traits of Fluorite crystal when it comes to emotional healing is providing emotional balance and stability. It will clear your mind and help you handle situations without being overwhelmed by emotions. It will also boost your confidence and help you confront and talk to other people in a gentle way.

Fluorite stone is considered to be one of the best gemstones for removing negative energy, stress, and vibrations. Carrying this stone will help you absorb and retain important information, improve mental abilities, and concentration.

All Fluorite crystals, no matter the colour, correspond with the Third Eye chakra providing balance, healing, and cleansing. Depending on the colour, it can be associated as well with other chakras. 

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