Everyone should consider their mindset. Many believe it is how we think that creates who we are: and up to a point, this is accurate. As everyone knows desires do not always follow thoughts. Many aspects of life will influence the outcomes of intentions. We may intend to lose weight, but the outcome is the kilos increase. The intention is to give up a bad habit and the outcome is: the habit is more ingrained.

In this podcast Claire Hegarty talks about mindset: When Claire suggested the subject of the recording we were intrigued with its full title:

Do You Manage Your Mindset OR Does It Manage You

The short and informative interview covers many aspects of mindset. During the last five minutes o fetch podcast Claire guides the listener to a successful technique for building a new and beneficial mindset. And before learning the technique there is plenty of information about how mindset will help us to live a progressive life or hold us back from our potentials.

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Powerful Mindsets Allow Us to Focus on Objectives

Subjects Covered:

What is the mindset?
Examples of mindset
Positive or Negative?
Buiding the best possible powers of reasoning
Shifting the patterns
Mindset of success
What if life does not run smoothly?
Flexibility of approach
Difficult lockdown issues
Build a new mindset

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