Introduction from Pauls Website: My name is Paul Willcock. I am a spiritual healer, specialising in Reiki, Chakra balancing and holistic therapy. As well as that I make Orgone pyramids blessed with intention, creating all kinds of energetic healing properties. My pyramids are made with resin, crystals, various metals and love bespoke for you! Namaste – Paul’s Website Link

We first met Paul at the Newark Well Being Show. He travelled a great distance to be with us, and he has impressed Community and Visitors with his enthusiasm and dedication to his work and therapies. Paul is a creative man who makes orgonite and promotes its use and application.

Paul Willcock

Paul Willcock: LizianEvents

He is also a very spiritual man who has no fear of following his passion. In the interview recorded at the February Newark Well Being Show Paul expresses his thoughts and feelings about the spiritual path. Well worth a listen:

Paul has a regular Monday FaceBook live spot, where he works through meditations and talks about crystals and all matters spiritual. He also gives away a weekly prize and is generous with his time and commitment to people who love spiritual ideas and spiritual healing.

Paul has also become the first Pure Spirit Show Ambassador and will be promoting a new Pure Spirit Event in the North-East of England. How amazing is this? The Community Grows in strength and size. We have every intention of giving people the opportunity to become Show Ambassadors during 2021. By working with, and guiding people to prosper we fulfil the goals and objectives of LizianEvents original charter.

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