Not for the first time, a phone call to Mr Timothy yielded dividends, and our conversation gave me the spark to start writing. The key to these jottings is that you need that spark to produce something of merit or worthy of consideration. Nurture the spark, it becomes a flame, feeds the flame, and become a fire, and the fire becomes a fuel source to produce something. Using another analogy to have a conversation, you need two people. These two people needn’t necessarily agree or share each other’s viewpoints one hundred per cent but at least be open-minded enough to accept another’s opinion. Recently I posted on social media that I was bored: some could have seen this as a throw-away comment. Let’s look into the meaning of boredom a little deeper. Boredom, to me, means an ineffectual means of managing your time. Ask the question, what was I bored with or of, further consideration is needed.

There have been millions of words written and millions more spoken about current circumstances. Arguments, claims, counterclaims, and conspiracy theories have been hotly debated leading to people being divided and taking sides. People are looking for all sorts of evidence to back up their rhetoric: this I found was the source of my boredom, the toing and froing that always leads to a singular destination, right here right now and whatever circumstances you are in at that given moment. Who is right, who is wrong is irrelevant because you are in that moment living through the events as they present themselves.

I am a thinker, and my head presents me with thoughts to consider, then I will think of strategies to make sure these thoughts become a reality or if they need to be discarded. My prevailing thoughts with this current situation are whose side I am on, what do I believe, who do I get behind? My answer is quite simply no one. After lengthy consideration, my conclusion on taking sides is wasting time. I feel I need to be in a position of “then what”. Until I spoke to Ian the other day, nobody had gone beyond the current circumstance and said then what happens. His question brought up a feeling of excitement, to get back to the shows and the wellbeing markets and to go forward: this needed a strategy, reach an audience, find common ground, find a way to promote rational thinking. Help people realise the power of thought and that the actions taken can significantly impact the direction you take in life.

As one person, I cannot dictate anything to anybody, but I can offer up opinions and strategies to help a person move forward and overcome hurdles and obstacles. What happens when I interact with people will bring up options. Follow my advice if it works for you, then make appropriate changes alternatively present a counter-strategy and go with your judgement. Either way sits well with me. It would be best if you always decided what suits you best.

To gain an audience and bring awareness to your work, you need a vehicle, and this is where my relationship with Lizian events prospers. You can offer your services with and alongside like-minded people in a great nurturing environment. It sounds idyllic doesn’t it, but here’s the reality. In life are not always going to agree with everybody; there can and will be personality clashes. Certain people are not my cup of tea, and I am not theirs, but there is one thing I am sure of is that every stallholder that attends a show or wellbeing market is one hundred per cent focused on a common goal and that is well being. This focus is a cornerstone of the community vibe that is present at the shows. My fellow community members are committed to every client/customer, whether physically, spiritually or emotionally, the common goal of wellbeing. Look at it another way a collection of individuals with different opinions and different backgrounds can unite in a place to bring light into a darkened world, tap into this and magic happens. People will like me or not. I cannot control others thoughts, and I wouldn’t want to, but what I do offer is from the heart guidance, a differing perspective, or sometimes just being a sounding board is enough. Hearing yourself speak words you have kept hidden within can often be the catalyst for change.

In closing, accepting what is, is a choice, changing and not accepting things is your choice. And then what happens next? Well for me I look forward to conversing with you all in the future at an event, heed my guidance or not because if I am not the source of potential enlightenment, then there will be many others that can offer a different take on it. Remember fresh beginnings, provide new ways of thinking and the potential for change. 2021 offers 365 daily opportunities for that change if that is what is desired. You can make a difference to yours, and others lives: depending on how you react to the things that are going on around you. Challenge everything, including your thoughts, settle only when you are happy to. When that feeling of boredom settles in, ask yourself: if I accept it or ask the question: ok then what?

Love and light to you all:
Best wishes:
Rick Paul.

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