Gemma-Marie enjoyed her first outing as a Community Member at The Newark Mind Body and Spirit Show. Visitors gave us great feedback after enjoying an in-depth numerology reading. Gemma is a bright and knowledgeable numerologist.

I caught up with her during the last few minutes of the first day of the event. Gemma told me she had experienced a good day with the Community and Visitors. So impressed was I with her wisdom and knowledge we recorded an impromptu video. And I’m certain you’ll be impressed with Gemma-Marie’s thoughts on the subject of numerology.

Enjoy the Video:

After the show we recieved great feedbeck from a Vistor who had enjoyed a reading with Gemma-Marie:

“Dear LizianEvents:
During the Newark Well Being Show: I enjoyed a numerology consultation with Gemma-Marie. I feel I must provide you with some feedback as her work is brilliant and very enjoyable. Gemma, explain her work with clarity, and during the reading, she explains everything about the numerological relevance of name and numbers. I would recommend Gemma-Marie to anyone who enjoys readings. Numerology provides an insight into the personality and the hidden potentials of our future. Highly recommended. Evan.”

→Visit Gemma’s Website← 

You’ll be able to meet Gemma at many of our Well Being Events during 2021 – Keep an eye on show guides and pages for updated Community Lists.

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