As I lay on a soft, cushioned floor, surrounded by crystals – a small group of people gathered – eager to hear my next words…. Silence prevailed. Lying there motionless I had no great visions or sensations I could recount. I felt dismayed. 

Here I was on a Crystal Dreaming training course where other members of the group had re-lived past lives, met goddesses, released spirit attachments. And I had nothing – why was I even here – maybe this wasn’t for me after all? This wasn’t the experience I had been hoping for.

Earlier that week, I had spoken with my housemate about the upcoming training. She had expressed she wouldn’t feel comfortable having healing in a group setting – which was, of course, a requirement. I began to recall her words now to save myself and everyone else the embarrassment of my silence. “I don’t feel safe…” The words barely left my lip’s – the last of them evaporated – as suddenly my body exploded with emotion. Tears poured down my face, pain surged through my heart like a hot spear, my whole body powerfully releasing – as my heart opened.

set of shiny transparent amethysts grown together

This non-contact technique offers a safe space to release and remove blockages that inhibit our spiritual development. From past life trauma, self-defeating belief patterns, and emotional impediments to clearing all energies not totally aligned with unconditional love. Crystal Dreaming works on the spirit level to help us access our own inner guidance. Once the manifested challenges have been resolved, it is possible to connect with our true self, which is infinite and powerful and in a constant state of absolute bliss. We may encounter spirit guides, request our life-plan, and facilitate deep healing. 

To ensure you gain the most from this experience you will remain in dialogue with your facilitator throughout the session. Requests and affirmations will be repeated and regular communication on what you are perceiving on your journey will be enquired into. The results from Crystal Dreaming can be profound and you can make lasting changes in just one session. 

Lauren is a crystal dreaming facilitator, trauma-informed yoga teacher and reiki practitioner. With a keen interest in traditional nutrition – focused on gut health and living in tune with our planet earth. 

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