In the series of audio clips, I share on LizianEvents News. You will discover how the wounds and unhealed traumas experienced in past lives affect our current life experiences. The experiences you draw upon are a large part of your karma, affecting the psyche in your current life. I am fascinated by the whole experience and where the client travels to. In the healing part of the session, I dig deep to uncover and release old wounds, and in some cases, you will be surprised where it takes you.  I also provide an opportunity for you to receive answers from spirit regarding your own personal issues on health, relationships, work, and direction.

Here are three short clips worthy of your time:
In Chains
Removing Dark Energy Fields
Witches of Scandinavia

Past life therapy is more than visiting a past life because it works by identifying a root cause similar to psychology. When you visit a past life experience, you are totally detached from any pain, fear, or emotional threads of that life. You are merely an observer relaying the past life story to me as if watching a movie from long ago.

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Where you may have deep-rooted causes, the healing techniques and spiritual connection provide a safe place to unearth experiences stored deep within the memory. You are fully de-sensitised, and it does not re-traumatise you. I work with the Angels, Ascended Masters, the spiritual surgeons, and your guides to raise your energy and vibration.

And here is a complete Past Life Regression Session:

Releasing yourself from the chains of the past is an exhilarating experience. You will discover who is in your soul family and what contracts you have signed up for in this life. You may experience this life as a negative will be shown to you as the path of spiritual growth and enlightenment. Once you understand the messages, all the jigsaw pieces, doubts and questions fall into place. You will understand that holding onto issues of the past is not part of your contract but part of your growth and spiritual connection. Your life experiences are life lessons and not meant to be life sentences filled with guilt, fear, or trepidation.

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Past life regression is a safe and powerful method for healing and transforming the minds and people’s lives. They feel lighter and energised as if someone has turned up the volume on their power and understanding. They feel calmer, more relaxed, and confident in themselves.  

We all have much soul work to accomplish. Are you ready to release them and move on to a better future?

If you have questions in relation to past-life therapy, please feel free to email me:

You can also visit my youtube channel:
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I will be attending the Newark Showground Lizian Wellbeing Market on 24th 25th April where you can meet me in person. You will be the first customers to hear of my collection of spiritual development programmes you can use at home. They are easy to follow and will connect you to spirit, they will take you on travels through the universe and beyond. I will have many special offers on the day so book you tickets early to save disappointment.

Looking forward to seeing you at the Wellbeing Market to hear your stories and discuss how I can help you discover your past life memories.

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