Facebook lives? 

It does not matter what you have to sell or the service you provide. There is an advantage of introducing more people to your work. We spent some time looking at the diversity of Facebook lives. Everything from cooking sessions to book reviews is to be found. And as the coverage grows, so does reputation.

Presenting a Facebook live is a no-brainer! The cost is zero, and the ease of setting up the facility is three taps of the phone screen or keyboard. And yes! You’ll feel a little self-conscious at first: but if your think you are talking to one friend rather than ten, twenty, thirty or more, you will overcome the reluctance.

Do not be dismiss the satisfaction of gaining an audience or following. If you wish to gain a tribe, Facebook live is a super, if not the best, place to begin. There are people out in self-video production land who effectively break down the old precepts of video promotion. 


You do not need clapper boards or a thousand dollar camera. A phone and a £10 tripod, and a £3 phone clamp are all you need. As for background or backdrop: put some thought into what is behind you when you record. Sitting in front of a fireplace or plain wall will work. Having the washing machine as a backdrop for a spiritual consultation will not impress. With some thought, you’ll take the production somewhere special.

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The world in Your Hands


You have a camera in your pocket. So you could choose to become a MoJo journalist. Travel around your street or travel around the world (certain circumstances permitting) and get into the vibes of friends or strangers. After all, you are on a social network, so why not stay in the grove of the Facebook sentiment?

Unlike other platforms, there is a four-hour time limit. But, let’s be realistic. Anyone who transmits for more than an hour in the first instance would have to be crazy. Take a lesson from the pundits who suggest: beginning with a twenty-minute show is the way to go. And there is sound wisdom in having a script and storyboard and rehearsing before opening the airwaves to potential fans.

Facebook live’s help watchers get to know you. You can be 101% certain there will be plenty who’ll dislike your face and voice. Who cares? Certainly not the hoards of fans who are looking for the new guru to follow. Why not you? People love the most obscure presenters. You are the next Internationally Famous Presenter.

On a serious note: Facebook lives attain greater engagement with customers and clients. And this will lead to sales and connections. What’s not to like about this idea?

Why not become a religious or spiritual guru? There are thousands of people looking for a cause or person to help them through difficult times. Yes: daily Facebook posts are full of inspirational words, slogans and sentiments. Sooner or later, some enterprising (and brave) individual will fire up a 07:00 hours Facebook live conversation helping people navigate the day ahead. Maybe, someone already does this, but there is room for everyone. Think of the possibilities with this one idea.

Have you written a book and it does not sell? Well, Why not Facebook live every week with a paragraph or chapter and then explain the story’s sentiment or idea? It is entirely possible to start a dissuasion group and take this idea further. We have all read a book that should have more excellent coverage, so why not your’s?

Think Before You Begin to Transmit:

Winners take chances and use what is available. They do not weigh up the faults, issues and possible problems. Winners say, ‘I’m using what I have. So do not become twisted with technique or equipment. Hone your skills, clarity of speech, and good appearance appeals to a greater audience. For example, dirty fingernails are acknowledged as a number-one turn off! Think about what you have to say and make the message understandable. And do some research: make sure your message is accurate.

Promote the Facebook live:

If you record a Facebook live, you can promote it here on LizianEvents News. If you do not record a Facebook live, it may be time to consider the advantages of getting the visibility an hour on the internet will afford. Go for it! Everything to gain, have fun and become a star!

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