Some days ago, we were asked about how we would be able to fulfil a talks and presentations schedule during the Newark Well Being Market. A valid question. At the time, we were, and still are, fully aware of the limitations on presentations within the present safety rules. We could not be drawn on the way we would deal with the situation.


We were testing a Live Streaming Studio system. And at the time we had no desire to make a promise which would not, or could not be fulfilled. Learning how to stream and using the right software has taken longer than anticipated. Two ‘false starts’ and poor choice of software set us back. And finally we cracked the nut! And yesterday, we posted a live studio broadcast. It was only a test card that ran for five minutes, but amazingly seven people discovered the broadcast!

During The Newark Well Being Market, we will stream eight talks and presentations. The presenters will have a live audience of six and a potential audience of 2500 or more. The stream will go out from a studio set up at the Lady Eastwood Centre. 

We know that more than 90% of our Visitors use social media and phones. And they will be able to watch the presentations from their phones while at the Market or later by rewatching the live streams. It is easy to see the advantages of live-streaming.


While making the talk, the presenters can share it on their Facebook page. Also, the address will be video recorded. The lecture will be placed on our Vimeo Page for rewatching and downloading. Every presenter will have an unprecedented opportunity to widen the coverage of their work. 

Does this affect Visitor numbers? Accurately NO. I kept a close eye on the numbers attending talks at September 2020 Well Being Market. The audience numbers were lower than previously recorded. Asked why they came to the September Well Being Market, the answer was: ‘I need to get back to the Well Being Events and meet the stallholders, Community and traders’.

Liz and I feel the safest way to make talks and presentations available for this event is to stream the lectures to a broader audience. In fact, we think the potential to heighten awareness of a business, service, product, gift, etc, is promoted using streaming is increased.

Of course, there will be a few people who will resist this idea. However, most of us know there is ample opportunity to sell products on the market floor. In this instance, we know our faithful Visitors will see the logic and heightened safety of the system.

A complete list of the presenters and times will be published on Monday 19th April.

Ian Timothy

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