In seven days time, the doors to the Newark Well Being Market will be open. Will the Market be a success? Well, the answer can be found in the incredible amount of customers who have visited the LizianShop this week. Totally unprecedented and welcome. Not only this: The comments about the coming events is incredible. I know that our daily effort to promote and keep people in touch with our work is paying dividends.

There are a four regular questions: Here they are with answers:

  1. Can I book for one-day attendance? Answer: Yes we have always encouraged this policy.
  2. Is there easy access to the venue? Answer: Yes the buildings are perfect for our needs. No queuing or waiting to load or unload.
  3. Can I pay on the door? Answer: Of course.
  4. Do I have to join a community? Answer: No! The Community are a great number of exhibitors who become actively involved in the promotion and wide-ranging awareness of the events we organise. It’s a great place to be: but it’s not obligatory 🙂

Monday night at seven:

I will be hosting a group online meeting with Community Members and Visitors on Monday evening. You can meet with four exhibitors who will be talking about their thoughts on the Well Being Market. We know we deserve to look forward to a bright and prosperous future. And we have all worked so hard to stay visible and keep a presence over the last months and we deserve success for this endeavour. Join in and listen to some amazing people.

There are many people getting a real buzz from the idea of visiting the Well Being Market. And how great so many are making the choice to become involved. Not only this: people know we are in the transitional stages of opening the doors to freedom. And every act and step to the bright future ahead will secure the pathway to freedom. We deserve that freedom and all of us will do everything possible to make our Well Being Markets safe and enjoyable for today and the years ahead.

Fourteen Months Is A Long Time

I realise that for many people the last 14 months have put a full stop on their activities. And there will be some who will choose to close the door on their exhibiting past. In the same way there will be some who will be cautious about rebuilding their trading future. And this is why I decided to make it as easy as possible to return to the events. We have lowered the prices of the stands to help people get a return. And we have not compromised on facilities and venues.

Therefore: other than consider the future as uncertain: I wonder if we should not consider it as a new beginning and opportunity to reconnect with regular Visitors and connect with new ones. Ask yourself if you deserve the success of the future. From our perspective: you certainly deserve to return to enjoy a return to the aspect of life you love and enjoy.

Thank You

Again, I must repeat, my gratitude to the customers who came to LizianShop during the week has no bounds. Ian and I simply could not believe the number of customers who arrived at LizianShop this week. Of particular importance is the number of new customers who came around the corner: and said ‘Glad we have found you!’ I use this as an indication of how next weekend will fair.

Lets’ face the reality. People want to return to the places and events that bring so much happiness. And we’ll see this at Newark Well Being Market. I have no doubt about the certainty, people will travel to enjoy a day buying their difficult to source goods. Talking to the Community and soaking-up the vibes.


Lets’ all look forward to the freedom we all deserve. There have been the most testing of times. For those of us who wish to demonstrate there is success and happiness ahead: we will see that desire come to fruition.

We deserve the days ahead.

Liz Clark
MD LizianEvents

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